Discover How To 10X Your Exposure To Your Business And Create More Free Time By Automating 95% of Your Social Media Traffic and Lead Generation

Social Media Traffic Formula is A Step By Step Guide To Creating More Leverage And Automation Across All of Your Social Media Platforms. Discover How To Position Yourself As A Trusted Authority and Command The Attention of Your Audience on Facebook, LinkedIN Instagram and Google Plus and Systematically Turn Them Into Quality Leads and Automated Sales for Your Business.

Module 1: Insta-Traffic Mania

In this module you will learn the tools and strategies for exploding the growth of your Instagram audience and the kinds of posts to create to turn your followers into daily leads for your business. You'll also discover free tools for leveraging your time and creating instagram posts that position you as a leader and drive quality leads for your business.

Module 2: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus Leverage and Automation

This is where I'll show you how I post content on these 3 social media giants 3 to 5 times per day with just 30 minutes per week worth of work. You will be blown away when you see how easy it is to get in front of your audiences on these platforms when you know how to do this. Doing this the right way keeps you front of mind with your prospects and systematically turns them into free traffic and leads for your business.

Module 3: Email Influence Sales Conversion

In this sales conversions module I'll show you exactly how to turn your new leads into new leads and sales for your business with automated email marketing follow up. You'll get 21 tricks and hacks for skyrocketing engagement, ensuring deliverability and maximizing email marketing profits in your business. As well as an email marketing training I did for a group of entrepreneurs at a private mastermind where members had to pay up to $3,500 to attend!

Email Influence Ebook

The All New Email Influence eBook Features 21 Tricks and Hacks for Ensuring Deliverability, Skyrocketing Engagement and Maximizing Email Marketing Profits in Your Business. In Hack #5 you'll learn how to position yourself as an authority with your prospects... This will make it 10X easier to get them to pay attention to your offers and buy your products. In Hack #14 you'll discover my email segmentation trick I use to double and sometimes triple the amount of people who open my emails and click on my offers with only 5 minutes of extra work

101 Eye Popping Email Subject Lines Swipe File

The Subject Line is A Vital Factor in the World of Email Marketing Because You Have To Get the Attention of Your Prospects If You Want Them To Pay Attention To Your Offers. These 101 Eye Popping Email Subject Lines Will Allow You To Stand Out from All the Other Marketers Vying for Your Prospects Attention and Rise Above All the "Noise" in Your Subscribers Inbox.

Email Launch Formula Swipe File

This is the Exact 7-Part Email Broadcast Series I Used to Sponsor 10 New Reps In My Business in One Week. This Series Works Extremely Well for Selling Coaching Packages and High Ticket Products or Sponsoring Your Subscribers Into Your Business Opportunity. The Best Part is That it Gets Them To Actually Apply To Work With You Which Skyrockets Your Credibility With All Your Email Subscribers

#1. 21 Proven Lead Generation and Sales Funnel Hacks Guaranteed to Create More Sales and Signups in Your Business

#2. Creating Irresistible Images For Driving Traffic With Social Media

#3. The 7 Figure Shift Interview Series Bonus