Social Media Secrets – A Behind The Scenes Look at Some of My Most Profitable Campaigns



  • Jay Hudgins

    Reply Reply June 19, 2014

    Awesome video Adam. I am an affiliate marketer newbie and I feel like I’m stalking your webpage LOL, but I am learning so much from you and appreciate what you do for your online community. Congrats on your Remarkamobile success as well. I am a Remarkamobile affiliate and I fee thatl I have really struck gold with the training I’ve received from you and Andrew Cass! I am considering becoming an MMA and I regret not moving forward with the Big Biz Challenge. Maybe next time. The challenge looks very rich! Thanks for all you do, Jay Hudgins.

  • Jay Hudgins

    Reply Reply June 19, 2014

    Thanks for all the great videos Adam. I’ve been learning tons from you and actually feel like I’m stalking your website now LOL. Your online community thanks you for the rich valuable content that you provide consistently. You actually practice what you preach. Congrats on your Remarkamobile success, I am encouraged hearing you on the top producer calls and I hope to be on one of those calls someday as well. I actually had my first 4 residual sales today and I’m pretty excited. Thanks for the awesome tips and I hope to be on the next Big biz Challenge. Jay Hudgins.

  • Santa

    Reply Reply August 24, 2014

    Hey Adam!
    I’m glad that i found your blog and i’m on your list now:-)
    Also i’m a college of yours in Remarkamobile:-)
    Btw, since now you will be my teacher 🙂
    I have question about FB marketing: i had tried to boost my FB Fun page posts (like you in your video), but unfortunately i had never been approved by FB because my site is in “home based” business niche, so i’m a little desperate..I had tried many type of posts, but nothing work. How you get your posts approved by fb? Because in your posts and also in your LP it can bee seen, that your posts is related to this industry too….Where is the key?



  • Leonor Villarreal

    Reply Reply March 11, 2015

    Really good information, Adam. I do not have a website yet and I don’t have a blog but I’ll be working on both of those things pretty soon. I might be calling on you for some help. Thanks for returning my call.

  • Sabeela Khan

    Reply Reply February 1, 2016

    Really great information. Adam I learn a lot from this video, how to go about setting up an ad in social media. I have a blog, but pretty new to social media and advertising on social media, any help you can give I will appreciate. Thank you! Sabeela

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