Welcome to Video 5 of my “Social Media Rock Star” bootcamp training series. In this video we will be incorporating one of my favorite strategies, video marketing, into your social media marketing game plan. You’ll learn what types of videos to produce for maximum results, how to interact with users on youtube to further the growth of your audience and how to automate and leverage your time through video marketing

Action Steps

1.) Create an account with youtube.com if you don’t have one already

2.) Upload your first video if you have not done so already

3.) Set up a video production schedule and stick to it.

You should be creating 3-5 videos per week if you’re part time and 5-10 videos per week if you’re full time.

4.) Connect with other youtube users in the industry. Use the “search” function and search for other network marketing companies. Find users in those companies with youtube accounts. Subscribe to their videos. Leave comments on their channels inviting them back to your channel. Rate their videos and comment on them. Give in order to get.

You should “connect” with 10 people on their youtube accounts per day if you are part time and 20 per day if you are full time.

Ideas for Video Content

Introduction video – (where you came from, what brought you here, why you do what you do)

-Learning videos – (What are you learning about in your business?) (What inspires you?) (What are you learning about yourself?) (What are you learning about people?)

-“How to” videos

-“Reviews” like company reviews, book reviews, industry leader reviews (standing on the shoulders of giants

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