In “Social Media Rock Star” boot camp video 3 we are learning to leverage twitter as a lead generation powerhouse. You’ll learn how to build a twitter following 50,000 or more in the next 90 days and use it for free traffic and instant credibility with your prospects

Action Steps

1.) Set up an account with if you have not done so already

2.) Set up an account with if you haven’t done so already and integrate your twitter account.

3.) Use to create some really cool customizable twitter backgrounds

4.) Follow me on twitter ; )

4.) Start following people on twitter daily. You should start with about 200 per day. Once you get up to a few thousand followers you can increase that number but keeping a 10% follow to follower ratio is a good rule of thumb. So, if you have 1,800 followers you can safely follow about 2,000 without getting on twitter’s radar.

Additional Resources is not required but highly recommended if your going to use twitter as a big part of your overall social media marketing strategy. Tweetadder allows you to automate about 90% of the process. Like I said I got my first 10,000 followers generically by just following people consistently but tweet adder is what I use now and allows me to leverage my time much better by taking care of most of the “grunt work.” is a great resources I use to to find high quality content to post on twitter is another great resources I use to to find high quality content to post on twitter

Remember the 80/20 rule

80% of the links you post to twitter should be great content from popurls or alltop or youtube. The better your content is that you post the more likely your audience will click on your offers when you post them. 20% of your content should go to your offers, affiliate links, promotions, etc.

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