Shuffle Mobile App Review – Smart, Effective Follow-Up and Mobile Marketing Made Simple

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Shuffle is a mobile app created by Elify, a leader in software development for small business.


This Shuffle Review will answer important questions like, “What is Shuffle?” “What makes Shuffle Unique?” And “What will Shuffle do to help me grow and share my business?”

What is Shuffle?

Shuffle Card

Sharing a Shuffle “card” with a prospect is a way to further the relationship with them and expose them to your business. It’s kind of like the 21st century equivalent of handing someone a physical business card.


And because a “Shuffle Card” about your business is digital and unique, Its a great way to make a lasting first impression with your prospects and stand out in their mind as a valuable resource, rather than “just another person trying to sell me something.”


So where a regular physical business card might end up in some shoe-box, or what I call “business card hell,” a Shuffle Card is something they would refer back to as a resource.Shuffle Review A Shuffle Card might include links to your favorite social media sites or they might use it to access or even download your contact information directly to their phone.  A Shuffle card is also a great way to educate a prospect on the benefits of doing business with you by reading or even watching a video about your products or services.

What Makes Shuffle Unique?

The Shuffle app is stupid simple and inexpensive, which immediately separates it from 100% of online marketing systems that are complicated and often cost hundreds of dollars per month. With Shuffle Contacts you can store your own contact database and see which Shuffle cards you’ve shared with individual prospects.

With Shuffle Campaigns you can bridge the gap between large uninterested social media audiences of hundreds or even thousands of people, and find the prospects who are actually interested in what you have to offer and open to the idea of doing business with you. This is very different than just spamming links to your website or pictures of your products around social media the way most do.

schedule-follow-upWhat will Shuffle do to help me grow and share my business?

If you are a more seasoned entrepreneur like I am, you may have different aspects of your business or you may even run multiple business. Different conversations and opportunities may call for a different Shuffle Cards.


You can share one Shuffle card with prospect A, who is mostly interested in your products, and another card with prospect B, who is more interested in working with you in your company and selling your products as an affiliate or a distributor. And yet another for prospect C, which may be completely generic and just a cool way of saying, “Hey it was great to meet you at that networking event, lets stay in touch”


And speaking of follow up lets just get really clear on a major problem that exists for 99% of small business owners.


If you are not effectively following up with prospects you are leaving a ton of money on the table!


I recently read that while a whopping 80% of sales are made on the 5th to twelfth follow up…

ONLY 10% of marketers and sales professionals make more than 3 follow up attemptsWhat is shuffle?

And 48% NEVER follow up with prospects

Talk about wasting time and leaving money on the table right?


With Shuffle you can improve the timing of your follow up by setting follow up reminders to ping your phone after the prospect actually views your card. Shuffle Analytics will even show you where on your card your prospects clicked


So If you are looking for a simple way to share your business, build profitable relationships and grow your business while reaching your prospects where they are at, on their mobile phones, I highly recommend taking the 14 day Shuffle test drive right here.


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