7 Idiot Proof Ways for Sending Targeted Prospects To Your Website

Targeted Prospects

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Do you have a capture page, blog, website that you are excited about but you’re starting to realize that even the sexiest website in the world won’t do you any good if no one ever sees it?


Its kind of like having a big beautiful hotel in the middle of the desert… If no one ever sees it… if it never gets any “traffic” its not going to do you much good, no matter how awesome it is!


A few years back I made a decision to get really good at driving traffic and sending targeted prospects and leads to my websites… In fact, my all new List Leverage Blueprint details how I generated 5,811 leads and recruited 166 new members in just 12 months without even picking up the phone…


Here are 7 simple ways to drive more targeted traffic to your website…


1 – Submit content to BetterNetworker.com


BetterNetworker is kind of like the Facebook of home business owners. I have been a member here since I started my business in 2008. Its a great way to connect with other home business owners and there are a ton of options growing your business within this community… When you submit content here, which takes about 5 minutes, you can get it seen by their community of other home business professionals…


2015-06-18_0743This is a screen shot of a blog post I submitted here just one month ago! Now this doesn’t happen every time I submit a post here, but 8227 views in just one month is some serious traffic!



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2 – Create a free account with Udimi.com


Much like BetterNetworker Udimi is a community of advertisers. People who want to buy advertising and people who want to sell it. Its a great way to drive super targeted, dirt cheap traffic to your website or offer. In fact, one of my students used this strategy to generate 275 leads for her business within just a few days of learning it. I show you exactly how she did this in video #2 of the List Leverage Blueprint… Check out the series to get access to this valuable strategy and way more!


3 – Ask for the share


One of my most popular blog posts was a post about how to answer the question, “is this a pyramid scheme”? I posted the link on Facebook and then asked my audience for a favor… I said, “Quick favor? Can you read my new blog post about how to answer the question, is this a pyramid scheme, and if you find it valuable, share it with your friends… cool?”  Notice how I asked for a favor and made it very conversational and didn’t get all weird about it… 🙂


Studies also show that Tweets on Twitter get shared up to 70% more often when you simply put the words, “please re-tweet” in front of your Twitter message. Imagine how much viral traffic you can get to a blog post or website when 10, 20 or even 50 people are sharing your links around Twitter simply because you asked them to.


4 – Submit content to StumbleUpon.com


StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site to index your content but its also a community of “people” who create and share content. Submitting your content here will also help your search engine visibility, and hey, if your creating content anyway, why not get it as much exposure as possible, especially when “stumbling” your already created content takes about an extra 5 seconds. It can be a great way to send targeted prospects to your site.


5 – Build an email list


Without an email list you have nothing. There I said it. If you want to build your business online and your not putting a major emphasis on building your email list, you are living in a fantasy world. Come back to reality and start doing what every top marketer that you know is doing. The cool thing about building this asset, the only “real” asset that you own if your building a home business online, is that its traffic that you “own.” Build the asset once and you can get traffic over and over and over again.


Want to build your list lightning fast? Check out my all new List Leverage Blueprint


6 – Create a private Facebook group


Rather than just posting to a bunch of groups on Facebook, be the leader and create your own, built around your blog or brand. Invite friends here and make sure that a link to your site is prevalent in the group description so that when new members join that is one of the first things that they see. This also provides you with a growing audience to share your content with on a regular basis.


7 – Engage with your audience


Back in the day I learned that simply having a large social media following, won’t do you any good if they are not engaging with you. Kinda like having an expert brand that no one ever sees.  When your audience is engaged because you share stuff that they find valuable and relevant, they will be way more likely to click on a link to your website or content when you share it with them. On the other hand if you are too “self promotional” even if you share your own valuable content, they will ignore your stuff and it will be a waste of time.



In my all new List Leverage training series I show you exactly how I engage with my social media audience and use 2 free tools to engage with my social media audience in just 30 minutes per week… This process use to take me an hour a day, until I started implementing this.


Did you enjoy this content and discover more ways to send targeted prospects to your website? Did you find any of it valuable and relevant to your business?


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….Be sure and get access to my all new List Leverage Blueprint that details how I generated 5,811 leads and recruited 166 new members in just 12 months without even picking up the phone.


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