School is never out for the PRO – Why the best leaders are the best students

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School is never out for the pro!

This post is about committing to a principle called CANI. It stands for constant and never ending improvement. It’s absolutely vital for success in the information age. People who stop their education when they graduate from high school or college or even grad school will get left behind in the information age.

The best leaders and the top producers in everything are always the best students. They are always open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. They are never too proud to learn from experiences and situations and of course other people.

When I started out in the online marketing and direct sales industry I literally knew nothing about marketing, social media, entrepreneurship or very much about sales in general. I saw the top producers in the industry and noticed something very similar about all of them. They all took their self-education very seriously. They were (and are) very disciplined about constantly developing themselves both personally and professionally.

I wanted very much to be just like them so naturally I did the same. I began purchasing books on sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, law of attraction and financial education simply because thats what they were telling me to do. Even though I could not get these major players on the phone back then they told me to do these things via training calls and webinars. Even though they were addressing large audiences of people, in my mind they were speaking directly to me.

I remember when I got started with internet marketing I was using an automated myspace friend adder. Much of my day was spent entering “captcha codes” and I remember thinking “I guess this is marketing” lol. Needless to say my day looks much different today. 3 years later.

Some of the concepts I learned early on in my career honestly did not make any sense to me. However, the people who were getting the results I wanted told me to do them so I did not question it. I’ve always been very open minded and I realized that my logic at the time was not serving me. I was broke and frustrated. I knew I had to open my mind to new ideas and new ways of thinking.

I started to develop a real thirst for knowledge about marketing, internet marketing, entrepreneurship, law of attraction and financial education. All of which I continue to take very seriously.

I began buying books about marketing by Joe Vitale, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, and Seth Godin.. Just to name a few.. Not to mention I made it a point to get on as many internet marketing training calls as physically possible. I studied marketing for at least 1 to 3 hours per day. Again this is what my mentors told me to do so I did not question them.

In late 2009 into 2010 I began religiously attending as many live marketing events as possible, even when I could afford to buy plane tickets, event tickets and hotel rooms. Somehow I made it work.

2010 was a major breakthrough year for me and I believe it was because I was flying to a new live marketing event every other month.

Today I continue to be a student of marketing and I still do not question my mentors when they tell me to do something. I’ve become very aware of the marketing messages all around me weather I’m driving down the road, surfing the web or in line at the grocery store. I identify tabloid headlines that stand out at me and ask myself why that particular headline grabbed my attention as apposed to the other ones..

What are some things you do in your daily life that contribute to your education as a marketer or in your industry?

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Adam Chandler

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