Revolutions in Media and Communications – “How to Catch The Next Big Wave”

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I’ve been a student of media now for over a decade… Makes me feel kinda old just saying it : )

In college I studied communications and mass media broadcasting… I have a BS degree in that field. No pun intended… lol. And I minored in history.

And I’m not one to throw around words like “revolution” all willy-nilly like it doesn’t mean anything…

Especially when it comes to media, communications and marketing! Marketing, by the way, has been a focus of mine for the past 5 years.

So turn off the distractions and listen up because I know what I’m talking about! ; )

This post will give a brief history lesson on Revolutions in Media and their impact on shaping our world… Then I’m going to share some cool info and some awesome resources that i’ve recently uncovered that allows us to build our ‘mobile lists’ and begin capitalizing on the new Mobile Marketing revolution, that is now firmly underway!

Revolutions in Media over the Centuries 

revolutions in media

revolutions in media

Media has been revolutionized a handfull of times over the centuries. Probably the first revolution in media came with Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1439. This revolution in printing – and media – played a key roll in taking Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance, Reformation and the Age of Enlightenment. 

One could argue that Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor was responsible for another revolution in media in 1895 when he sent and received the worlds first wireless signal. Marconi went on to send the first wireless signal across the English Channel in 1899 and 2 years later received the letter “S” in a telegraph from England to Newfoundland. This was essentially the first “Text Message” ever sent and it happened in 1902 : )



Mass media broadcasting via radio waves followed a few short decades later, followed by the invention of television and then the internet!

Since no one else seems to take credit for inventing the internet I’m just going to step up and make that claim myself. So here it goes… I invented the internet. I also invented happiness and smiling – your welcome : )

All of the examples listed above were no-doubt revolutions in media, and communications.

None of these, however, has had as great an impact in shaping our world and our global society much as “Social Media Revolution…” At least not in my opinion.

Here’s why!

For centuries all the revolutions in media happened as a new way for the few to reach the masses.

It was one-to-many communications.

Social media was the biggest revolution in media because, for the first time ever , it was now many-to-many communications. No longer reserved for the few to influence the masses.

The internet certainly revolutionized marketing as well because now Joe Shmo with his rinky-dink computer company that he runs out of his garage in Council Bluffs Iowa can now have his google pay per click ad just inches away from a Dell Computers ad.  This is huge! for the first time the “little guy” can actually compete with the giants without having to shell out millions of dollars for a TV ad or some other mass-media broadcasting campaign.

Sorry, I don’t want to get too far off-topic here… but I get really passionate about this subject ; )

The Next Big Wave

We are living through an exciting time in human history!

Not only have each and every one of us witnessed the birth and rise of the social media revolution… In my opinion the biggest revolution in media since Guttenberg’s printing press in 1439.

But we are now seeing the rise of the New Mobile Economy, the New Mobile Consumer, the New Mobile Marketer (hint hint : )…

and A New Mobile Revolution!

So how do we CAPITALIZE on this new mobile revolution?

I’m pretty sure, if your reading this, your wondering that very same thing, right?

How do we capitalize on this new ‘Mobile Revolution’ while the masses are playing ‘wait and see’?

I’ve just discovered the first ever mobile marketing 100% commission program. Its simple, very credible, and VERY lucrative.

See what I mean right here

First, here are a few reasons you, as a business owner should be incorporating mobile marketing and mobile list building.

  1. Email deliverability rates, open rates and engagement rates are WAY DOWN compared to where they were a few short years ago. It was reported that 39% of email blasts were opened in 2004. That percentage was down to 22% in 2008 and has now fallen even further.
  2. Now, less than 20% of emails are opened and over 95% of texts are opened.
  3. 83% of text messages are opened within one hour of being received.
  4. 1.5 Trillion texts were opened in America last year.
  5. 52,000 text messages are sent every second.
  6. Mobile marketing is now at about $6 Billion per year. That is predicted to spike up to $31 Billion by 2016.
  7. By the end of 2013 more people will use mobile devices to access the internet than PC’s.

Take a look t numbers 6 and 7 from the above list.

To me this means that the time to strike and take action on this massive trend is right now.

Yes, it is still very early….. But these window’s don’t stay open forever. Usually only a few years. And the people that get in early stand to profit the most and get the added bonus of all the “low hanging fruit,” making it way easier to sell than something that is considered “old news.”

While the masses are playing “wait and see,” just like they did with the internet, the early adopters and fast action takers like you and me will stand to profit greatly and for many years to come from this growing trend, still very much in its infancy.

Take Action Now, Right Here

mobile marketing

mobile marketing

I love the internet as a means of connecting and marketing and reaching potential clients that I would have otherwise never been able to reach. I will continue to do internet marketing and email marketing. I will continue making money online as well as teaching others how to make money and build profitable businesses online,  just like I have for the past 5 years.

However, when I first came online in 2008 it felt like I was catching the end of a big wave. Back then internet marketing was the “wild west.” It was the new frontier, and while I was learning and understanding how it all worked I saw many people get rich in this new frontier.

My friend there is a new “new frontier” and it is mobile.

Become an “early adopter” with me and many other growth oriented entrepreneurs and visionary leaders.

Lets catch this new wave early, while the masses are playing “wait and see.” Because thats how you make a killing in business. You get in front of new trends and fast moving markets. But you must take action, or you will be left in the dust by those who do.

Here’s what happens next.

Build your “mobile list” and earn 100% commissions selling an extremely valuable, in-demand product line.

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If you enjoyed this post and found value in it… or, even if you absolutely hated it… please leave me a comment below ; ) and be sure to share it with your social media friends….

Thanks and talk soon,


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