7 Consistant Activities Guaranteed to Produce Results in your MLM Business

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This morning I hosted the MLSP daily wake up call where each week day one of the marketing system’s top producers shares insights that have helped them get results. Are you getting on these calls on a daily basis? If not.. Why not? Do you think daily insights, even for 20 minutes a day, from some of the network marketing industries top online marketers could help you move forward in your business?

I’m going to let you in on  a little secret.. Shhhh!! Don’t tell Brian and Norbert I told you this, OK? Normally, you attend the wake up calls and you have no idea who is going to be the host. Its a surprise! I’m going to tell you who is going to be hosting the wake up calls for the rest of the week..  Click here to get an answer to the question, what is MLSP?

Wednesday 8/3 – 7 figure earner and co-creator of MLSP

Thursday 8/4Ray Higdon – #1 income earner in the Numis Network and 50k + monthly income earner. (Ray is also giving away 5 ounces of silver on our webinar tonight. Click here to register now and potentially win some free silver)

Friday 8/5Dwayne Pile – EMT member of MLSP, industry top producer and PPC expert

Here’s how you attend – Monday – Friday at 10:55 am EST dial 712-432-6268 – Pin # 100669

Here is a recap from the call I hosted this morning

7 consistent activities guaranteed to produce results in your MLM business

1.) Attend all training calls, wake up calls, etc.

Especially in the beginning. Surrounding yourself with the people who are getting results is an absolute short cut to success. Especially when they explain EXACTLY what they’re doing to get the results you want like on the Wednesday night training calls. Click here to access this Wednesday’s game changing training call.


This is VITAL to your success! Especially if you’re wrestling with issues around identity and attempting to re-invent yourself as an entrepreneur. This is the single most important activity to allow that type of transformation in a shorter period of time. But hey its your business.. If you want to prolong your success be my guest.

3.) Personal Development DAILY!

I use to think this I could skip this part. I was like, “You give me something to sell and teach me how to sell it and I go sell it. Why the heck to I need to develop myself professionally and personally? I just need more traffic.” LOL. Funny it was not until I began to embrace personal development that I started seeing results.

4.) Connecting, Networking, Prospecting, DAILY

Make it a point every day to expose people to your products, services, business opportunity, etc. If you are working the business and not getting results, and you are NOT doing this consistently, I guarantee that is the reason why.

5.) Mastermind with others at and above your skill level (Mastermind UP)

Creating mastermind groups with other marketers is a great way to hold yourself accountable to your goals and it makes this business way more fun. Network with people at and above your skill level. Share whats working for you. Share challenges and victories with each other and mastermind up with marketers who are getting the results you seek.

6.) Set production goals and be relentless about attaining them

Rather than setting unrealistic income goals that take you out of action create goals around production. Production equals results with equates to income. Lofty income goals lead to procrastination for most. But production goals set for the month, the week, the day are more attainable and lead to more business.

7.) Journal your progress daily

Ask yourself these questions in your journal at the end of each day.

a.) how did I show up in my business today? Did I take the necessary action and do everything in my power to move my business forward?

b.) How many people did I expose my products, services, business opportunity with? Circle that number. Double digits a day keep the bill collectors away.

c.) What can I do differently tomorrow to make me more effective/productive than I was today? The only person you should be concerned with being better than is the person you were yesterday.

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Adam Chandler

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