Creating Multiple Residual Incomes Streams Online

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residual income streamsAre you one of the many who would like to create multiple residual income streams to help pay the bills during these challenging economic times? (Click here to learn how to create 19 streams of residual affiliate income and build any business by marketing one simple site.)

Great! Take this quick affiliate marketing test. Now I’m going to warn you, it contains some math. Let’s see how you do, it’ll just take a few minutes. Follow these 2 actual real-world marketing programs. Your job is to work out which one will produce more profit over the long term.

Ready to get started?

Lets say it takes a hundred clicks (visitors to your website) to make a sale. Each sale pays a $100 in commissions. There’s a five percent refund rate. If you pay $0.80 per click, what quantity of cash will you make per $100 investment?

In the second scenario it also takes a hundred clicks to make a sale. Every sale offers $100 commission but also gives a once a month residual commission of $10. Just like in the previous example there is a five percent refund rate and the average length of the subscription is four months. Now, if you pay $.80 per click just like in the first example, how much will you make now for your $100 investment?

The answer for the first example is as follows : It costs you $80 to make one sale. So that suggests you made $20 but you have to take off five percent for the kickbacks, leaving you with $19 net profit. 19% is a rather good ROI. Consider that most financial advisors tell you that an 8% annual return on investment is good, which most do on paper investments like the stock market.

In the second example you will still receive $19 in commissions for that preliminary sale, but you also receive $40 for those four monthly sales. So if you add the $19 to the $40 then you have $59 which adds up to a 59% ROI a far more desirable result!

Make sense?


Creating Residual Income Streams Will Make An Enormous Difference!

Pay attention to any Super Affiliate or any successful marketing model and you’ll quickly discover they rarely sell products that only pay only once. And if they do they are also selling some type of recurring continuity product on the back end. Simply because anytime you sell something once you only get paid once. There is very little leverage. Its dead money. Why would they do that if they can put just as much work into selling something that pays over and over again and creates a residual income stream?

For example, they may offer a free report or special insider review and bonus if you make the purchase through their affiliate link… The LEVERAGE is in collecting the opt-in info or contact information.

Because a targeted opt-in list subscriber is often worth $0.25 to $5.00 PER MONTH or even more to the list owner.

Super Affiliates will probably concentrate on promoting products which will seem to only pay a one time commission, but in reality they produce a significant amount in monthly residual income. What you can learn from this exercise is if an affiliate marketing product does in fact have a chance to earn recurring income, its far more leveraged! Go for it! Doesn’t that make sense? It’s the biggest difference between an overwhelming 59% ROI or an a lot less impressive 19%.

Multiple Residual Income Streams is the Key to Wealth

The famous Nile river is the longest water stream on this planet. It’s so big, in fact, you can see it from space. Yes, it is that large!

What you do not see from outer space is all the thousands of tiny streams and brooks that run in to the Nile and there are thousands of them. All that water in those thousands of little streams is what converges to make the Nile so enormous.

Think of your business like the Nile river. By creating multiple residual streams of income , you are creating a brook of wealth. You must begin by promoting numerous different products that have the benefit of making residual streams of income. Stick to those and nothing else.

Finally you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy that stream of income. Imagine starting off every month with an influx of cash into your bank account without doing a thing!

Wouldn’t that be ideal? Now it does not happen over night. Building any business takes patience and requires learning a new set of skills. The good news is that you can cut years off your learning curve by following this training. 


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