How Smart Network Marketers Create Multiple Residual Income Streams Online

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Isn’t it funny how back in the “old days” having a steady job with a good company meant financial security? Its not really like that anymore is it? People are getting downsized like crazy all over the world! Its becoming more and more evident that multiple streams of income are down right VITAL to the average persons daily survival. 


This is a screen shot I just took of my total earnings from an affiliate marketing company I promote. This is just one of about 7 income streams that make up my current business. Through this educational continuity program I have learned how to create a substantial list of prospects who volunteered to receive more information from me. I’ve generated over 9,000 leads for my business. I’ve created multiple income streams from people who said “no” to my network marketing opportunity and I’ve sponsored higher quality, serious business builders into my network marketing business. You can learn how you can do the same when you click here right now!


Are you one of the many people who would love to know how to create residual income streams so you don’t have to be dependent on one job or one business for your financial survival? Maybe you want to create multiple income streams so you can have a few hundred extra dollars for spending at the end of the month or maybe you want extra travel money? Or maybe you want to set yourself up for the future big time by creating multiple income generators so you can pursue your passions in life 5 or 10 years down the road… I’m telling you its all possible and I’m going to discuss a couple vehicles that have the potential to get you there…

In fact, thats a great place to start… What vehicle are you currently in? 

Lets face it, most jobs don’t have the potential to get you wealthy. Now the old way to get wealthy was to live severely below your means, save and/or invest every penny and 40 years down the road… maybe… just maybe you will have saved enough money to be wealthy in your twilight years.

residual income streamsBut we live in the 21st century where opportunity is literally everywhere, for those of us with opportunistic eyes and the foresight to see possibility where others do not. So make sure you choose the right vehicle that has the potential to make you wealthy if that is your goal.

So what are these vehicles? Well there are several categories. Here are a few that have helped me to create multiple residual income streams.

1.) Affiliate marketing – Selling products and services for other people or companies at a commission.

2.) Network Marketing – A distribution model where independent distributors share in the profits of a company for selling products and creating sales organizations

If you are a network marketer, Here is the problem…

There are many network marketers who build downline organizations with their company, collect a check and believe that because they get paid many ways by the company that they have multiple streams of income. This is wrong. Building a team or an organization in network marketing is a great way to achieve financial independence, but collecting a check from one company is ONLY ONE INCOME STREAM. I’ve known network marketers who have created 10,000 dollar monthly residual checks from their network marketing company until the company went belly up. Guess what happens to your residual check when that happens? All your hard work to build the organization goes down the tubes and your checks stop.

Luckily for my one friend, he used affiliate marketing to create multiple streams of residual income. So when his company went out of business, he did not loose his entire business. Understand that if you are an entrepreneur in network marketing, you don’t own anything. Any number of things can happen that can cause you to lose your income from that company so be smart about it. Create multiple streams of income through combining affiliate marketing with network marketing. And work on building your list!

What does list building have to do with multiple income streams?

When you put your energy into building a list of potential customers or clients instead of a network marketing downline you have the ability to sell multiple “things” to your database. Your crazy if you think your network marketing opportunity is right for everyone. It will be right for some, but not all. And remember I said that if you are building a network marketing downline you don’t really own anything. That is one of the appeals to building a network marketing business. You don’t have to deal with storring products or cutting pay checks, or dealing with technical customer service. The company has all that stuff in place for you.

So the only thing you really do own is your list. And if you put energy into creating a list of existing network marketers, you can have higher quality prospects who are already in the industry in one way or another. This means you won’t have to answer stupid questions like, “is this one of those pyramid things?”  

The other reason you want to create a customer database of existing network marketers is because you can sell affiliate products to them in the form of training programs that will help them become more effective at building their business. This will let you know which members of your list are really serious about their business because they will actually invest in their education. Many network marketers say they are serious about creating residual income streams and building a business but you know how unserious they are when they don’t put their money where their mouth is.

You can learn more about how I’ve created multiple streams of residual income and my online marketing system by checking out this post, What is MLSP?

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