Reset Your Education to Entertainment Ratio. What Brian Tracy Taught me about Success

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reset your education to entertainment ratioBrian tracy first introduced me to this concept on a productivity training audio. He was being interviewed for success magazine by Success publisher Darren Hardy.  The entire interview was enlightening and eye opening. It was such a new concept to me that I can almost certainly guarantee unless you study Brian Tracy regularly you’ve never heard this concept before. He describes it as the E to E ratio and it stands for Education and Entertainment.

Brian explained that most unsuccessful people’s E to E ration is way out of whack! Meaning they spend almost all their time in entertainment and very little time in education. Its sad that many people think of education only in the traditional sense and that their education somehow stops when they’re done with high school or college.

On the other hand very successful people spend a great deal of their time in education and a smaller portion on entertainment.

I’m about to explain what used to be a normal day for me… This is back when I was broke, struggling to pay bills and generally unsatisfied with the mediocrity of my life.

My E to E ratio in 2005

I would wake up and within a short time the television would be on. Entertainment. I would get in the shower and sometimes listen to music while I showered. Entertainment. I would get ready and drive myself to work while listening to the radio. Entertainment. After work I would get back in my car and listen to some music on the way home. Entertainment. When I got home I would turn on the television to watch Simpsons or Seinfeld reruns. Entertainment. (Nothing against Simpsons or Seinfeld those are great shows it was my habits that were bad. I would have dinner and then either watch a movie or go out to the bars. Entertainment.

Where the heck was the education? It was non-existant!

My E to E ratio was WAYYYYY out of whack and my bank account reflected that fact big time!

Even in college I managed to get in more video games and partying than I ever spent actually going to classes or doing home work. This is when I was in COLLEGE!!

My E to E ratio in 2011

Obviously my days look very different today. On a normal work day when I’m not traveling here’s how my day looks. Typically I wake up and start my personal development process. Education. I’ll consume some audio training by Brian Tracy or Jeffrey Combs or Ryan Angelo or several others. Education. I’ll grab a book on marketing, personal development or entrepreneurship by people like Joe Vitale, Seth Godin  and Og Mandino. Education.  

I’ll start my work day by creating content like a blog post or a video. It’s not education but its a very leveraged part of my day and I consider it vital to my long term business. I’ll leave my house for lunch (often) and listen to more audio training in the car. Education. Get home. Make some phone calls. Transition into the “communication” portion of my day where I’m calling leads, making follow up calls. Conducting training calls for my team members, emails, etc. Break again for dinner. Typically on Monday through Thursday I’m either attending a training webinar. Education. or hosting my own training webinars or team conference calls. Education.

For more information on how I structure my work day as a full time online network marketer visit my post on DMO Daily Method Of Operation

Often at the end of the day I will watch a movie or watch one of my favorite shows on Netflix. I enjoy some shows and I like movies to unwind at the end of the… day but you see my E to E ratio is more balanced than it was in 2005.

Its like 70% education and only maybe 30% entertainment.

Back when I was broke and unfulfilled by life it was more like 95-100% entertainment and usually 0-5% education.

Where is your E to E ratio at?

Wait! First ask yourself if you are happy with your results in life?

Are you happy with your current situation? How about the results your getting in your business? Do you think an adjustment in your E to E ratio could make a difference? Spend more time getting better and less time numbing yourself with reality television, the extremely negative news or other ways that we “check out” as human beings with hours upon hours of entertainment.

If you want bigger better results in life you must check yourself from time to time and ask if your daily habits and patterns are helping you get closer to your goals or pushing you further away. Identify your weakness and systematically destroy them. For more insights and training like this visit my other posts on personal development.

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