Release Negative Influences from Your Life with a “Media Fast”

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It was just over a year ago when I first heard of the concept of a “media fast.” And it just made way to much sense to me.

Look at what’s in the news.. A bunch of stuff about how bad the economy is, democrats blaming republicans, republicans blaming democrats, crimes and terrorist activities. I don’t need to be constantly reminded that we live in an F’ed up world and neither do you!

This is not meant to be a political blog post whatsoever but I am absolutely disgusted by the way our two party system in the United States has us completely divided as a nation. And how BOTH SIDES want the other side to fail even if it means hurting us as a country just so they can say I was right and you were wrong. It literally makes me want to puke and that’s all I’m going to say about that!

Do you ever hear news about good samaritans? About missionaries in Africa or about the generosity of people, (especially entrepreneurs) the world over?



Because negative news sells!!

Thats it.. Its all about ratings and selling advertising and headlines and top stories about crime and terrorism get better ratings and therefore sell more advertising.

It’s also a way that THEY keep US living in fear. Why would they want us living in fear you ask? Because if we are in fear we will buy what they tell us to buy and not question their actions because they are doing it for our safety. We will not be free thinkers but rather sheople who live our lives the way they want us to live.

So rather than allowing all those negative influences from CCN (Constantly Negative News) and Fox (don’t even get me started), doesn’t it make sense to just let the talking heads talk well we spend our time doing more productive things like bettering ourselves and in doing bettering the world around us?

I’ve learned to detach myself from negative influences in my life.

Like people who don’t support my goals and dreams because of their own self esteem and deserve issues. And situations like the job I use to have where every day people would complain about how much they hate their job but DO NOTHING about it because to them it is comfortably uncomfortable. And news shows where they literally repeat the same negative stories over and over to burn them into your mind so they are constantly with you throughout the day and night.

No Thank you!!

Not for me.. I’d rather not be informed and go on living my life the way I want to live it. Not ruled by a constant state of fear the way they want me to live.

Now many people might say, but I have to be informed. Do you really? If something catastrophic happens that is truly newsworthy I will hear about through word of mouth one way or another.

I do of course have a couple exceptions to my media fast. Because in our world it is impossible to truly rid our worlds of media all together.

First, social media is an exception. Social media is a positive place where people can share their lives and their creativities. It is not a place where we are constantly bombarded with negative influences but positive ones depending on who we listen to. We actually have a choice of what messages we take in and which ones we ignore which is awesome!!

I also like to watch the daily show with John Stuart. It is funny and although it leans a bit to the left and is bias, it makes fun of both sides (democrats and republicans) pretty much equally. And even though it is political it is political satire and you can still be informed (kinda) by watching it.

Have you ever done a media fast?

Will you try it for 30 days? Will you cut our daily news shows and newspapers with negative stories and messages? And radio shows that keep you in fear?

If you will commit to it or if you have done a media fast before please let me know by leaving a comment below..

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment here!