3 Tips for Recruiting Talent into your network Marketing Business

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1.) Act As If – One of the most important things to remember when prospecting or attempting to recruit people into your network marketing business is to act-as-if. Act-as if simply means to act as though you already have the results you want. So just because you’re making prospecting calls from your parents basement doesn’t mean you have to project that image of yourself over the phone. You can still act as if you have a thriving downline in the thousands and you’re making tens of thousands of dollars per month in your company. Now don’t get me wrong here. I’m not talking about lying and saying that your making money when your not, but simply act as though you already posses the money, distributors and/or organization that you desire. Make sense? Good!

2.) Prospect-up – For some reason we assume that it will be easier to recruit broke people into our teams than people who are already successful and it is absolutely not the case. Many network marketers go after prospects who they feel “need” a business opportunity. Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t share your business opportunity with them because it may be the catalyst they require to change their lives, however broke people are usually the first to throw around terms like “pyramid scheme,” and pass judgment on you for taking a different path than them and “upsetting the herd.” Successful people are usually more open and receptive to opportunity and it is a mistake to not share your business with someone just because they have a thriving real estate business or they make 6-figures in their corporate job.

3.) Become the leader you want to attract – If you want to recruit professionals you must become a professional. If you want to recruit serious people ask yourself, how serious am I about building my enterprise? How am I showing up in my business?  If you want to recruit people who attend events, then you should also attend the events. If you want to recruit people who are dead serious about changing their lives through personal and professional development than you must be dead serious about your own professional development. Sounds just crazy enough to work right? 

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