How to Use the Powerful “Reciprocity Rule” to Build A Bigger Business

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What I’m about to share with you is one of the most powerful ways to get people to take some sort of action.


Weather that action is to put their email and phone number on a lead capture page, or go on a date with you or whatever!


Its super powerful because its deeply rooted in human psychology


reciprocityThis post will provide insights into the law of reciprocity and why its so powerful as well as give you some solid ideas that you can use to explode your lead-flow and ramp up your sales and sign-ups in your business….


…… just by giving people what they want


Pretty cool huh?


We all know that its nice to do things for other people. And that when you do something good for someone else you are usually repaid either by karma in the future or in return from that same person.


But you may have never thought about the powerful driving psychological force behind why that occurs.


I began really studying and understanding the law of reciprocity after reading “Influence – the psychology of persuasion” by Robert Caldini in which he covers the law of reciprocity in great detail.


This is a passage from the book in the chapter on the law of reciprocity.


“The rule possesses awesome strength, often producing a “yes” response to a request that, except for an existing feeling of indebtedness, would surely have been refused”


When someone gives you something, you feel you are indebted to them, like you owe them something and you feel the need to do something back for them.


In the book Caldini shared a story of Hare Krishna’s who used to solicit donations in airports by giving travelers small gifts like a small flower before asking for a donation.


This worked so well that people would actually run away from them and avoid them like the plague because if they engaged you, you were almost certain to have to reach inside your wallet.


This past weekend I headed up to my ski retreat condo in Summit County Colorado to go skiing and hangout in the mountains.


On Saturday me and a couple friends went to Vail Resort and on Sunday they went to Breckenridge and I decided to go to A-Basin resort by myself.


I like skiing by myself once in a while because it gives me the opportunity to shoot some lifestyle videos usually meet some interesting people on the lifts and enjoy my own company.


Towards the end of the day I was skiing through the woods by myself and I came upon a little hut. Probably about 4 feet tall. And some people hangout out in or around the hut…IMG_3641


They asked me if I wanted to come inside the hut and drink some whiskey with them…


… I’m a sucker for whiskey especially after a day of skiing.


They introduced themselves and gave me a little shooter…


You know like one of those mini bottles that you can buy at the counter at the liquor store?


We chatted it up a bit in the hut…


… They were all from Pennsylvania on a ski vacation in Colorado. One guy said he learned to ski at Killington in Vermont, which is near where I went to school and I told him i worked there for one season while I was in college.


After I finished the shooter I thanked them and took off down the mountain, once again, by myself.


After hangout out at the bottom of the mountain for a while I ran into a few of them…


As soon as I saw them and I could tell that they saw me, my mind began to race with thoughts like, “quick what can I offer them to make it even.”


The first thing I could think of is, “you want to go have a drink at the bar?”


Sure, one of the guys said.


Me and two other guys from the hut ordered Bloody Marries. Which by the way, if you ever travel near Loveland Pass in the Rocky Mountains in the winter, A-Basin ski resort has some of the best Bloody Marries I’ve ever tasted. And I’m a connoisseur!


But they can run high since its a ski resort. So after ordering 3 drinks I offered to pick up the tab and I end up paying about $24 for the 3 drinks. So I ended up paying about $14 plus a tip for their two drinks.


The shooter that they gave me probably cost about $2.


So there it is, the law of reciprocity in action!


Here are a couple ways I use the law of reciprocity to build my business and how you can do the same.


How to use the Reciprocity Rule to build your business


reciprocity1I’ve generated upwards of 12,000 leads online over the past few years that i’ve been building my business simply by giving away valuable training and information in return for contact information from the prospect. When you provide valuable information that solves a problem for your prospect for free, they will be way more likely to take reciprocal action with you like click the link and visit your sales page, watch your video, answer your follow up phone call or buy your product.


So what if you don’t have anything of value to offer your prospects in return for their contact information?


The good news is that when every successful marketer was just starting out, they didn’t have anything of value to offer either. The way I solved this problem for myself was to join an attraction marketing and online lead generation system. They call it “attraction marketing” because you learn to attract prospects to you by providing valuable information for them and positioning yourself as the expert and authority by doing so. (“Authority,” by the way is another one of the powerful marketing principles that got people to take action along with the Reciprocity Rule.)


So the system allowed me to leverage and give away trainings and resources that ware developed not by me but by other successful marketers. All I had to do was simply get targeted prospects in front of the website and the system took care of the rest. And the system was full of training on where to find targeted prospects on Facebook, YouTube and Google.


If this makes sense to you and you want to learn to further employ this powerful “Law of Reciprocity” to build your business with more speed pleasure and ease I want to introduce you to the system that I’ve used to generate thousands of leads for my business and become a successful online network marketer.


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