Moving past the sale | A really cool technique for closing sales

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This past weekend I had a chance to hangout with someone who has had a profound impact on my business and life.

This person is not only a tippy top producer in the industry that I’ve been making my mark in for the past 5 + years but he has personally inspired me to dream bigger, impact people on a larger scale and do more with my life and business.

Mark Hoverson Vail

From Left to Right: Mark Hoverson, Myself, Chris Rochleau

Myself, Mark Hoverson, (the guy I’m referring to) and my other buddy Chris were riding the chairlift at Vail this past Friday.

Mark was talking about a sale he recently closed and he spoke about the way in which he closed it.

He said that he “moved past the sale”

I remember first learning about this technique while watching a video about Mark’s 21 closing techniques in a course I purchased from him back in the day…

I had actually forgot about this particular technique but when Mark mentioned it on the chairlift it immediately came back to me!

Pay close attention and read this entire post to learn this really cool technique for closing more sales…

Lets say you do a “fast start training call” with all your new team members. If you don’t do this now, you should start doing it, even if you just do it so you can put this technique into practice.

Okay so at this point you’ve gotten the prospect to watch the presentation and your on the follow up call with them. They’ve expressed some interest in it but you can sense a little hesitation…

Here’s how it works… You say…

“I do a 30 minute fast start training call with all my new team members. On this call I walk you through all of our team resources, we go over your financial goals and then give you specific steps to get fast results in the business. Now we can do this call as early as this afternoon. Does 4pm work for you?”

So what have we just done here?

If they say yes to the appointment for the fast start training call what does that assume?… That they’re ready to get started!

So if they say yes…. you say “sounds good, the sign up process takes about 5 minutes are you in front of your computer right now?

Then you sign them up!

Its as simple as that!

Pretty cool right?

Do see how you are moving past the sale into the future? When you get them to agree to something that happens after they join then the sale becomes a bit of a formality at that point. Its just one more step in the process.

Remember, this technique will only work if you are bold enough to lead people.

If you don’t see yourself as a leader you are probably not going to sign many people up anyway even if I give you every closing line in the book. So work on becoming that leader and practicing things like this even if they seem uncomfortable to you… Especially if they feel uncomfortable to you because that is how you will become a leader.

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