The “Secret” to Reaching One Percent

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reaching one percentWhen was the last time you failed at something?

If it was in the past week congratulations!! Pat yourself on the back because you have the courage to do what most people spend their entire lives trying to avoid. Whats ironic is that by avoiding failure their entire lives they end up failing big time at life itself. If you are not trying new things you are not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and therefore you are not learning and not growing as a person.

Most people wont try new things out of fear of failure.

But when you realize that failure is a natural part of the growth process you begin to look at it differently. Perception is reality. If you look at failure as areas to improve and grow, you will be on your way to getting whatever you want out of life. However, if you view failure, like most people do, as a reflection of your inability and limitations.. You will be on a path of loserdom. I just made that word up by the way.

Reaching 1%, or getting to the top of your organization is no different. Let me preface this for just a moment.

WARNING: Your about to hear me toot my own horn for the next couple of paragraphs!

Recently I’ve reached a major leadership level in my network marketing company, the Numis Network. A level that only about 20 people in my entire company has been able to reach. Numis currently has right around 20 thousand reps. This means I have reached the top 1% (one percent) of my organization.

the secret to reaching 1%

Many of you who follow my content know that I’m also a top producer in an internet marketing and lead generation system called MyLeadSystemPRO. (What is MLSP) A system with roughly 10,000 members worldwide. Being that I’m in the top 10 marketers in that system, I’ve effectively reached the top 1% (one percent) of that organization as well.

Want to know the secret to reaching one percent?

Fail often and fail forward!

I see a lot of people hold themselves back because they are simply not willing to try new things. They live in the mystery of “what if.” They won’t do certain things because they are thinking about 5 steps in the future. Many people will unconsciously sabotage themselves right out of the business. They will not sign people up because they don’t know what to do with them once they’ve signed.

Are you an internet marketer or attempting to be one?

Do you have an email list?

If you don’t have an email list and you are attempting to become an internet marketer, that is a symptom of a much larger issue. You don’t have an email list because you don’t know what to do with a list once you’ve created it. You’re thinking way too far into the future. You can figure out what to do with your list in the PROCESS of creating it!! Not Before!

Watch this video of a 7-figure mentor of mine discussing how to reach the top. This video was shot at an elevation of over 11,000 ft.

If you have decided that you will reach the top of your organization and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there, congratulations! After making that mental shift, the rest will fall into place eventually. It is now just a matter of time. Understand that most people are not willing to do what it takes to succeed. They are not willing to make the short term sacrifices required to get what they want. So if you are willing to do whatever it takes, then reaching the top one percent will not be that difficult. And you are well on your way. Remember not to overestimate your competition. Most people, because of reasons already illustrated throughout this post, will not take action. Therefore if you are an action taker you have effectively separated yourself from the crowd and are well on your way to the top! I look forward to seeing you there!

Adam Chandler

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