My Top Takeaways from Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Academy Live Event

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“If  your truly serious about impacting the lives of others, failure is selfish” – Ray Higdon


Just getting back home from the Top Earner Academy Live event in Orlando put on by Ray and Jessica Higdon – 2 of my personal mentors in network marketing and online business.


This post will share some of my top takeaways from the event as well as some of my pictures of the trip to Orlando for the 3 day event.


But first, credit where credit is due…


Top Earner Academy Live

Top Earner Academy Live

Ray and Jessica put on an amazing event.  The Top Earner Academy Live event was truly unique – it was intimate – the resort was amazing and the information shared from the stage was incredibly valuable. There is truly something for everyone – no matter what level of skills and success you’ve acquired in your business.


This first takeaway is something I have learned throughout my home business career….


“As entrepreneurs we get paid for the value we deliver to the marketplace and the scale on which we deliver that value”


Basically, if you want to make more money in your business – focus on becoming more valuable and delivering your value to a larger audience.


Like I said Ray and Jess put on an amazing event that provided a lot of value to a lot of people on many different levels…


And they freckin’ cleaned up too… Meaning they made a lot of money this past weekend.


More money than I’ve ever even heard of someone making from a single event.


And you know what?


They deserve every last penny!


Life is balance…. What goes up must come down.


And if you provide value on a large scale and you positively impact the lives of thousands of people – you should be – and you will be compensated in direct proportion, period.


Do you agree? 


Is it possible that this is exactly whats missing in your business and the very reason your not creating the results you want?


I know that many of the attendees of the Top Earner Academy Live event discovered that this weekend in Orlando.


Top Earner Academy Success Panel

Top Earner Academy Success Panel with myself, Richard Matharoo, Tanya Aliza, Cesar Ramerez, Chris Hussey and Mike Hobbs

Stop looking for some magic bullet thats going to make you successful and start focusing on how you can serve more – impact more lives and create more success in others.


That brings me to another big takeaway from the weekend….


I noticed certain people have an “ahha moment,”  I could almost see the lightbulb going off in their head when they realized that a lot of the information and training coming from the stage was information that they already knew.


Well, they kinda knew it.. They had heard it before… One of my friends has been in the industry for a couple years. He’s been in my marketing and training system for a while now but he hasn’t quite broken through in a big way – YET. He realized that he knew a lot of what the speakers shared he just wasn’t living it.


There’s a big difference in knowing something because you’ve heard someone say it, and knowing it by living it.


If you are not living it, you don’t really know it do you?


But what my friend realized is that he possessed a lot more value than he realized. He knew more than 95% of the attendees at the event he just wasn’t delivering his value in a big way… YET.


Todd Falcone Top Earner Academy

Todd Falcone and Adam at the Top Earner Academy

I’m sorry if maybe you thought this blog post was going to reveal some crazy secret or all the information that I took away from all the people who shared and trained at the event from the stage.


Remember, these are MY biggest takeaways from my perspective as a 5 year industry veteran and successful marketer. My biggest takeaways are never in the “how to.” Like how to get facebook ads approved or the magic phrase to get prospects to join your business on the first phone call.


But its never those things that create “ahha moments” and life changing results anyway…


And I will be sharing more content in the forms of future blog posts and videos to share some of the notes I took from the individual speakers so stay tuned!


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See you at the next Top Earner Academy or on the next blog post…. Which ever comes first : )


Adam Chandler


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