Must Read for Profit Conscious Entrepreneurs! [2 Exciting Live Broadcasts Today]

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Are you a profit conscious entrepreneur?


If so there’s 2 exciting profit-pumping LIVE broadcasts happening today Sunday March 3rd, 2013 that you gotta know about! 


Both of these trainings could help propel you and your business forward so pay attention and take 2 minutes and read this entire post! 


…. I don’t usually do live broadcasts on Sunday but today is special for a couple reasons…. 


….First I was invited to be one of 3 interviewees on the Tom Chenault home business radio show this afternoon. 


I just found out that one of the other guests on the show today is John Milton Fogg, who wrote a book called, “the Greatest Networker in The World” that has sold over 1 million copies! 


So if you want to tune in at 3pm eastern I’m sure there will be some great lessons and insights into building a successful network marketing business from the other guests on the show and I of course will be delivering the goods! 


The show starts at 3pm eastern and you can dial in on your phone by calling 605-562-7757

If you want any more details about the show or how you can attend check out Tom’s website right here…… 


…. Its kinda cool he’s got featured interviews with Robert Kiyosaki and Les Brown right there on the home page… 


I feel like such a celebrity ; )


And thats not even what I’m most excited about today… 


Ray Higdon No Excuses SummitLater this evening, at 8pm eastern I’m hosting another live broadcast with my good friend and personal mentor Ray Higdon. 


When I checked last night at about 8 my time we already had 190 people registered for this eye opening broadcast.


Its exciting to see so many people who are dead serious about their entrepreneurial development and…. 


….. that is exactly what we’re going to be covering!


How to become a successful entrepreneur..


Not only how to make more sales and build a list but also how to set up a 6-figure infrastructure so you can handle a ton of new business, attract leaders and become the entrepreneur you must become in order to get the results (income and lifestyle) that you desire! 


Sound like a winner?


Take action now by registering here! (seats are limited and they are filling up FAST) 


or take action here by watching this youtube video I made inviting you to the special event


……. Check it out on YouTube 


Talk to you later on!


Adam Chandler

“to the top”


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Adam Chandler


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