Profile of a Champion: Tom Merkey

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Tom MerkeyToday’s post is about a gentlemen that I’ve come to know and respect over the past two years. His name is Tom Merkey. He is a family man first. A father of two future leaders named Lara and Tyson.  And a husband to Rose, a real estate professional and community leader here in northern Colorado.

You can learn all about Tom by visiting his blog, By doing so you will learn that Tom is also a community leader here in Northern Colorado.  A civil servant, Tom is a 20 year fire fighter who has started non-profit organizations, coached high-school athletics and mentored many, including myself. An avid cyclist Tom is, in my opinion, an icon of health and fitness. He has counseled and mentored me in those areas and I will continue to look to him for advice on diet, health and fitness among other things. Tom is also an up- and-coming superstar and major player in the world of network marketing and 21st century entrepreneurship.

The reason I choose to create this post about Tom, other than the fact that I respect the hell out of him as a human being is because he recently reached a major leadership level in our network marketing business, the Numis Network. Hitting this rank that we call 4 star manager put Tom in the top 5% of leaders in our company. It also made him the #1 producer on my team!

One of the primary reasons for Tom’s success is a commitment and dedication to personal and professional development. You may or may not be aware of it but it can be a difficult feat to “make the shift” from a 20 year fire fighter and “blue collar worker” to an entrepreneur. It takes a great deal of “getting out of your comfort zone.”

A challenged was placed to Tom to listen to a personal development CD called, “profile of a champion,” by an incredibly successful network marketer and trainer named George Zalucki. The challenge was to listen to this 60 minute CD for 60 days straight. Tom destroyed this challenge by listening for 120 days. Doing something as simple as listening to a CD consistently for that amount of time takes a great deal of discipline and commitment to a principle called CANI, (consistent and never ending improvement).  That is why Tom has reached the level of success in his life that he has.

And that is why, if you are looking to be do and have more out of life. More freedom, more wealth, better health, better relationships, a more successful business and a more fulfilled life, I strongly suggest that you follow my good friend, mentor and business partner, Tom Merkey.

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