23 Productivity Tips for the 21st Century Entrepreneur

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As entrepreneurs in the 21st century we face a whole new set of challenges than entrepreneurs in previous decades and generations. The information age has us bombarded with new ideas, tools and resources to build our business. While we do need to adapt to an ever changing marketplace there is certainly a time when we really must put the blinders on and focus only on the activities that will move us forward.

The latest and greatest info product is brilliant I’m sure, but will buying it really put more income in your pocket today?

I believe many times we buy and study courses in order to avoid the activities we want to avoid. I am certainly guilty of this and I’m sure you’ve been there once or twice as well.

One of the biggest challenges i’ve personally faced in the home business industry is making productive, efficient use of my time. When you run a business that is primarily online you are constantly distracted. This is especially true if you’ve engulfed yourself in the world of online marketing. Other marketers will try and distract you. To divert your attention to his/her offer which of course is the latest and greatest thing since sliced bread. Although many times the products, services or information may be useful to you it is vital to not let these constant distractions affect your bottom line.

The following list of 23 productivity tips for the 21st century entrepreneur absolutely work. However, simply reading them will do you no good. You need to put them into action consistently in your daily life.

Everything must become a habit!

These were taught to me by an extremely successful mentor of mine and were recently reinforced at an event I attended in New York City called the TenforTen event. However, he learned them in a training series taught by Eben Pagan called, “Wake Up Productive.” I don’t care how limited your time is, if you put these tips to use over the next 3-6 months your business will transform before your eyes.

1.) Failing to plan is planning to fail. You must set goals and tasks for the month, the week and the day. Do you have a plan?

2.) Use a stopwatch or a timer – 60 minute intervals. (Its amazing how much you can get done in a single hour when you do this). If you don’t finish your task in the hour move on. Finish it the next day when you have that activity scheduled.

3.) 90% of your time must be MMA (Money Making Activities) I.E. Writing or producing content, driving online traffic and following up with prospects. Thats it!

4.) Multitasking is not efficient and lessens your IQ.

5.) Avoid distractions at all costs. Let your voicemail do its job.

6.) Create routines for everything you do.

7.) 10 minute breaks every hour. 50/10. During this 10 minute break step outside and get fresh air.

8.) Time management is a misnomer. You must manage yourself in time.

9.) Drink water & get fresh air. Again, you can do this on your 10 minute break.

10.) Exercise is vital. If you don’t do it you will have no energy.

11.) Eliminate energy robbers. No junk food!

12.) Get up and go to bed at the same time every day. Routine is imperative.

13.) Email rule #1 – Emails don’t make money. Its NMMA (non money making activity). Check and reply to emails at the beginning and the end every day. Not in between. Constantly checking emails is the #1 productivity KILLER for the online business owner.

14.) Email rule #2 – Never spend more than 30 minutes per day on emails.

15.) Plan your learning and productivity as two seperate activities.

16.) Phone call rule #1 – Call leads/prospects on the same day. The sooner the better. While you and your offer is fresh in their mind.

17.) Call Rule #2 – Block out 30 minutes to 2 hours per day to connect with prospects. (depending on your amount of time and amount of business). Then get back on task.

18.) Always schedule time for family, friends… Whoever. Having a balanced life is essential.

19.) Take your spouse/partner to dinner at least once per week. Reward them for the sacrifices they are making to improve your lives.

20.) MINDSET BEFORE MARKETING!! 1 hour per day on personal development. If you are short on time you can combine your physical exercise and your personal development. I like to run for a few miles then walk back home. When I walk back I go over what I’m grateful for about 5 minutes. Then I spend the next 5 minutes visualizing my goals as if they were already a reality. The final 5 minutes or so I repeat my objective out loud or sometimes in my head. I do this first thing every day. I call it my “hour of power” and it puts me in a state of creativity and clarity for the rest of the day.

21.) Pick one or two strategies and master them before you move on to a new strategy. If you’re productive and efficient it should take about 90 days to master a specific task.

22.) Set aside at least one hour per day on marketing training. Especially if you are brand new. Remember this is a non money making activity. It is important, but you must put more time and energy into implementing strategies.

23.) Set a schedule and stick to it.

I must admit I am not always perfect at implementing all of these productivity strategies but I am getting better. I commit to continue to practice and get better and better at these activities because I want to be able to do in 3 hours what use to take me 10.

Are you with me?

Will you commit to putting these practices into action?

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