Are you Taking Practice Swings in the On-Deck Circle Before You Step Up to the Plate?

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Imagine how much more effective (and profitable) you could be in your business, if before you perform any income producing activity, you stepped into the mind of someone who has already created a million dollars doing that very same activity?


Yet most will step up to the plate with cold muscles, wing it, and then mentally beat the crap out of themselves for not being “good enough.”


Sound familiar?


iStock_000013125388XSmallEntrepreneurs often mentally hold themselves back because they feel they aren’t quite ready to perform….


….That they don’t have enough information or they haven’t figured out the exact formula for creating, or communicating their message effectively.


The key to cure this debilitating issue that is most likely keeping you broke is getting into action, no matter what. Forget perfection. Its overrated anyway. Just do it!


However, that is not to say that you shouldn’t spend time in “preparation mode.”


Let me ask you this…


1338378Before you step up to the plate in your business, how much time are you preparing, or taking practice swings in the on-deck circle?


Before you write a piece of marketing content or an email broadcast to your subscriber list, are you reading any material on effective, persuasive writing? I have been reading this book, Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to become a more persuasive writer.


Are you looking at emails written by professional marketers? Or studying effective sales letters?


Mike Dillard, who at one point was one of the best copywriters in the home business industry, said he became a successful copywriter by re-writing successful sales letters over and over. He literally re-wrote every word, just as the original author did. This doesn’t mean he plagiarized. This was purely for the purposes of “practice.”


Before you spend time prospecting or attempting to expose others to your product, services or income opportunity, via verbal communication, are you studying any information from successful recruiters?


If you don’t have information like that, and you want to become a better recruiter, here is some free training on how to do so from one of the best recruiters that I know of.


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I also consider “prep-time in the on-deck circle” to be any activity that gets you in a clear state of mind, or emotionally excited, before you perform a certain task.


This could be, listening to classical music, or painting before you write marketing material to put you into a “creative state”…


….Or even going for a run or doing some push-ups or jumping jacks before you perform some other business building activity that requires focus and energy.


If you want to get better at something, or speed up your growth when it comes to a specific skill, studying other people who have been successful in that area is key…  And you will see that the closer you do this to perfuming the activity, the faster you will grow and the more pleased you will be with the results.


If you took something of value from this post, please leave me a comment below and share these insights with your social media friends, as they will probably get a lot out of it too….


Some, might even thank you for it….


Now go take some practice swings, spend some prep time in the on-deck circle, step up to the plate and knock the damn cover off the ball!


Adam Chandler


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