Personality Training | Are You a Driver, Persuader, Craftsman or Analytic?

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Personality trainingPersonality training – Life is a business of people. The more you understand people and the way they think the more effective you will be in communicating with them. This means you can do a better job of modeling and motivating them. People love doing business with people who are like them and the more you can understand them by identifying their personality types the more likely they will be to want to do business with you! This post will assist you in understanding personality styles to better understand yourself and others.

I recently attended a full day class on personalities. I’ve studied this subject in great detail before but this class took it to my understanding of this to a whole new level. We learned not only how to identify people’s personality types and personality styles by the way the talk, walk, dress, the vehicles they drive, the kinds of questions they ask, etc. but all kinds of ways to motivate them to buy and basically do your every bidding.. muuuaaaahhhh!!!

These are the 4 main personality styles most people fall into and some of their basic characteristics. I’ve learned to identify peoples personality types based on color, seasons, animals, sea creatures etc. But today I’ll be explaining them using other, completely different terminology. In this personality training we will be discussing the persuader, the craftsman the analytic and the driver.

The Persuader

The persuader personality wants and NEEDS to be liked! The are personable and outgoing. They enjoy being around people and dislikes solitude. This person is a people magnet. They are often the “life of the party.” They wear bright, colorful clothes, they like things sporty and fast. They are good to have in your business because they are natural promoters and sales people. However, they may not stay long because they get distracted very easily. They may be here one day and gone the next. Off chasing a shiny penny or next big thing. They are the easiest group to sell or market to because they make decisions based on emotion.  Status and recognition is important to them. They often spend more money than they make. They like to share their feelings and they have a genuin concern for people.

key words to describe the persuader –

optimistic, enthusiastic, persuasive, popular, understanding, encouraging, outgoing, social, friendly, people-oriented, emotional, fun!

The Craftsman

The craftsman personality is very laid back. They are happy and pleasant and they don’t like to “rock the boat.” They often resist change. They don’t seem to get “ruffled” easily because they are so, “go with the flow,” but watch out when their fuse runs out! They usually have a dry sense of humor and they are very family and community oriented. You can often find these people in careers like, social workers, teachers and hippies (I understand a hippie is not really a profession but you see what I mean). They can sometimes be vague and uncertain and they do not like conflict or “drama.” They are loyal as friends and business partners. And they are often more focused on quality relationships than quantity like our persuader. They are good listeners and are warm and caring. They are the type of people you might see “saving the planet” and they are very cause motivated. Explain to them how performing a certain task, “like joining your business” will allow them to help people and improve society and humanity.

Key words to describe the craftsman-

Patient, routine, easing-going, relaxed, slow, cooperative, agreeable, steady, persistent, amiable, friendly, pleasant, family oriented, go with the flow

The Analytic

The analytic is the personality that produces more geniuses than any of the other personality types. Famous analytics would be people like Einstein, Edison and DaVinci. They are the inventors of society. They are often unsocial and lack even basic social skills. They are system oriented and they love detail. They are cautious and often resist change. They want all the details, facts and figures. They are often perfectionists and are very meticulous. They are also loyal and they can hold a grudge. Don’t be 5 minutes late to an appointment with an analytic because they will remember it 15 years later. They drive Volvo’s and wear pocket protecters. If not for this personality our world would look very different. We need these people to be the electrical engineers, scientists, inventors, accountants, and doctors of society. They design our automobiles, planes, buildings, maps and a lot of other things we depend on as a society. They have strong desire to be right so let them be right!

Key words to describe the Analytic

accurate, systematic, analytical, loyal, reserved, formal, rigid, anti-social, skeptical, genius-prone, practical, logical, careful, meticulous, conservative, perfectionist.

The Driver

The driver personality is the doer, the driver of society. The king of the jungle. They are the judges, politicians, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, military leaders of society. They are decision oriented and they want you to “get to the point.” These people are tough. They are dominating and aggressive. They desire recognition and like power and control. They are action oriented. They are very competitive in sports and work. They want the biggest and the best. They have little concern for other people’s feelings. They may even enjoy insulting and belittling pople. They can be pleasant and generous as long as they are getting their way. They are outspoken and say exactly what they mean. They can be self-sabotaging and are sometimes prone to addiction and excess. They want it now and they want it their way. They have HUGE ego’s so you can use that to motivate them to do what you want as long as you stand your ground. They will respect you more if you go toe-to-toe with them rather than backing down.

Keywords to describe the Driver

Decision maker, egotistical, hard, tough, dominating, aggressive, dictatorial, abrupt, cynical, workaholic, goal-oriented, forceful, direct

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