Party Weekend Then All Out Biz-Building Mayhem for 90 Days….

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I’m super jacked up right now for a couple reasons and much of what I discuss in this message will help you in creating the business and lifestyle of your dreams!

My team and I are about to embark on a 90 day all-out business building blitz that I believe will triple the size of our team…

Our blitz begins on Monday so I’m going to take the weekend to relax and have some fun before the blitz begins…

…Its a perfect weekend for it too because in my town of Fort Collins, Colorado this is the weekend of “New West Fest,” a  summertime music and arts festival held every year…

For a local music festival there are some great bands i’m really excited about seeing including, Euforquestra, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Allison Krauss, Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead cover band) Devotchka, Great American Taxi and manymany more..

Live music has been a big part of my life for many years now and the freedom to travel and have awesome musical experiences is a big part of my motivation to create as much residual income as humanly possible in my life!!

In fact, thats is a great lesson in itself…

Get clear on WHY it is you are committing to success in your business including WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH YOUR TIME ONCE YOU CREATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!

Okay, on to the next 3 months and our 90 day team blitz lead by our companies #1 income earner Ray Higdon.

I have set a goal of personally recruiting  36 people over the next 3 months to set the example for my team.

In my 4 years of experience in network marketing and from talking to industry leaders you must recruit an averageof 12 people to find one superstar who rocks it out, treats it like a real business and drives your residual check.

So if you haven’t yet recruited 12 peoplethat should be your goal, if of course you desire to build a thriving organization in your company!

So personal recruiting and sponsoring willbe a major focus because I have to lead my team by my positive example.

How could I possibly be in integrity if I am asking my team to do things that I am not willing to do myself?

Its not possible!

I will also be doing a great deal of team trainings, 3 way calls, one on one coaching for team members, list building parties, PBR’s, restaurant meetings, and other profit producing and team building activities..

… Things I will not be doing are constantlychecking emails, waiting for leads to come in before I pick up the phone, dealing withtime wasters or anyone who is not 100% committed to changing their quality of life using the network marketing model to get there!

I will also not be spending much time at all coaching and training people who are not involved in my team in primary MLM.

Discover how you can APPLY to have the chance to join our team RIGHT HERE. 

.. But I will also say that I don’t recruit and put my time and attention to just anyone…

In fact when you visit THIS WEBSITE and opt-in with your name and email, you can expect a call from me and you will have to convince me as to why your dreams qualify for my time. 

I’ll probably get some hate mail for this comment but thats ok I generated 35 new leads yesterday, I have nearly 5,000 people on my list and a few unsubscribes will certainly not make or break my business…

If you are on my team and we have not connected this past week, CALL ME ASAP so we can formulate a plan to get you to at least 5K-10K in the next 3 months!

Monday is GO TIME!

And again if your not on my team you can take the first steps towards qualifying to join when you CLICK HERE NOW 

Ok {!firstname_fix} thats enough ranting and raving for one message..

I’m off to wrap up some last minute details and errands before my fun filled live music weekend!

You probably won’t hear much from me

for a couple days!

Have a good weekend!

Talk soon,

Adam Chandler

P.S. Joining a supportive team that is going places can be one of the biggest factors in the difference between YOUR success or YOUR failure in the network marketing profession… If you are not working with a sponsor or with a team that is doing weekly trainings and offeringone on one coaching HIT ME UP ON MY CELL (970-568-6136) OR ON MY BLOG and lets work on a plan to get to to where you want to go FAST.


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