[Part 6 of 7] Becoming a Leader in Home Based Business

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What a week we’ve had together.


We’ve talked about:


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And now… 

We are up to my favorite topic, and Part 6 of your 7 Part Series… 

… Becoming a Leader in Home Based Business.

So, here’s the deal, in a nutshell about becoming a Leader: 

If you can’t lead yourself, you’ll never be able to lead others. 

Read that again… 

If you can’t lead yourself, you’ll never be able to lead others.

You see, leading yourself is KEY,  because until you learn to lead yourself, you will always attract others who are just like you, or less than you, meaning that they have worked less on themselves
over the years, than you did.

Truth is – this is no way to build a successful home based business – because just like  you, everybody will quit too. 

You get that? 

You should. 

Because, if you are lazy, lack self motivation,  don’t keep your word, lack self discipline,  fall out of integrity (meaning that you don’t do what you say you are going to do, by when you say you are going to do it) – well that is a major problem, because nobody wants to follow or be around anybody who lacks integrity.

That’s right – Leadership is so much more about yourself, and how you operate, than anything else. 

It’s more important than your excitement for what you are doing, or your enthusiasm. 

It’s more important than how good your products are, or the System, or how much the Comp Plan pays. 

Because Leadership is about action. 

It’s about taking the first step. 

It’s about having belief, and faith, and knowing, instead of just “hoping”.


You see, hope is the cry of the “undecided”.


And until you are absolutely certain that you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right people –most importantly, for the right reasons, nobody is going to buy anything from you. 

So certainty – about yourself, and what you are doing – is a critical quality that you must have in order to become a Leader. 

Of course, having self confidence, high self esteem, and a good self image always help when it comes to being a Leader. That’s called charisma. 

And you develop charisma only after you have let go of caring what others think of you and what you are doing.


This doesn’t mean that you just go around being a jerk or hurting people.


It means that when you let go of approval issues, and stop worrying about what others are going to think, or say about you, or to you – well that is when you start to become a Leader,  because you’ll start doing things you’ve never done before, in order to get things you’ve never had before.


And that includes – you guessed it – having more confidence, higher self esteem, and a better self image.


And when you do this – you’ll also become very attractive to others, and develop the #1 Leadership quality – Influence. 

So, how do you do all this? 

#1 – You need to be around other Leaders,  to observe them, watch them, model yourself after them, pattern yourself after them, interact with them, pay attention to what they do, how they do it, and why. 


#2 – You need to be around them often.

By being a part of a community of Leaders, you will constantly reinforce, re-condition, and re-program yourself to become a Leader than anything else. 

You will learn to move from being in your ego, where all your fear lives, where all your anger resides, where all your doubt and uncertainty is – to being more of your true self, where there is love, and compassion, and belief, and abundance. 

That, my friend, is what Leadership is all about.


Knowing yourself so well, that you learn to understand others.


And the more you understand others, the more you can Influence them, because you’ll have been in their shoes and can assist & support them like nobody else can.


That is Leadership.


And that is a HUGE part of your success.


So, work just as much on yourself as you do on your business, and you will become a Leader in due time – when you are truly ready to live the life of your dreams and help change the lives of everyone around you.


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I think you are going to love this, and…


I think you are going to LOVE 2017 by working side by side with me on this new project that is going to no doubt, make the industry great again, because it’s going to help a LOT of people finally break through to the success that they’ve come to the Industry for in the first place.


I’m excited to show you what we are up to.

Until then,



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