[Part 2 of 7] How to Make Money before Anyone Joins Your Business

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Years ago, an email hit people’s Inboxes all around the World, called,“How I Outfoxed an Entire Industry”


It was written by a meat delivery guy who made it big in his home based business, combining 2 very powerful strategies that almost nobody in the Industry was talking about at that time. 

In his email, “Meat Guy Joe” shared his story of failure and success, by explaining the concepts of Attraction Marketing and the lost art of the Funded Proposal, and how he used them together to build a very successful home based business. 

In a nutshell, Attraction Marketing is where you create authority in the marketplace by providing information to a very specific group of people, that are already looking for the same or similar information, typically to help them solve a problem that they are having  – anywhere in their life.


It’s a fairly simple concept, although most people don’t do it correctly – let alone do it at all.


A Funded Proposal is a marketing strategy where you offer a product to a very specific group of people, that matches exactly what that group wants, needs, and typically can afford.


Normally, this type of offer is for a very low priced product (not “cheap” – just very inexpensive), but something that opens the doors for future product sales.


Typically, the profit from that one small sale, would cover the cost of generating the lead (the cost of getting that person to buy the product), so that the person selling could at least break even, and then make pure profit on the back end when that person buys additional products. 

Again, it’s a very simple concept, but because so few people know to do it, or even do it correctly, they leave a TON of money on the table. 

And when you have a home based business, CASH is KING, which is why this is something that you want to learn to do – and do very, very well.

I say all that, to say this. 

(And THIS is how you make money, even before anyone joins your business)… 

Your BEST lead, is a customer. 

Read that again. 

Your BEST lead, is a customer.

Because once someone buys something from you, even a very low cost product, there’s a good chance that they will buy more from you, especially when there is plenty of perceived value, and they see the benefits of doing additional business with you.

You see, ole’ Joe the Meat Guy knew this, and so he sold Funded Proposal Products to people in his Target Market, using Attraction Marketing to build his entire business, covering his costs of high quality lead generation, and then turned a profit – even before
anyone joined his business. 

It’s truly a brilliant concept.  

Imagine making money, even before anyone joined your business. 

There’s literally a Formula that you want to follow when it comes to your offer. 

Be in touch again soon, 



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