[Paralysis, The Wheel And The Wall] “The 3 Stages of Home Business Growth”

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Paralysis, the wheel and the wall. These are the 3 stages of home business growth that stand between you and the promised land of profits, lifestyle and freedom. Simply being aware of where you fall in this equation gives you an immediate advantage over the majority. It also makes it much easier to spot the common traps and land mines that exist in each stage and allows you to make the necessary changes and get to the next level fast.


This post will simply paint a picture of the 3 stages so you can identify which category you fall into… Make sure to read the post to the end for a special invitation to a live online hangout this week. When you attend this exclusive mastermind event, some friends and I will share with you exactly how to blast through the barriers that exist within each phase so you can get big results in record time.


Many online marketers will tell you that you can avoid the 3 stages and get to the promised land now, simply by purchasing their magic product or system that will make it as easy as pointing and clicking or copying and pasting. These people are smelly rotten liars. Listening to their hyped up message and empty promises backed by zero results and no credibility will lead to frustration, failure and embarrassment, guaranteed!


Here’s why I know that you are too smart to listen to that BS….


You know that anything in life worth having comes with a price right?


Here is the price you will have to pay if you want to get to the promised land of profits, lifestyle and freedom.


iStock_000012210065XSmall#1 – Paralysis

When something is stopping you dead in your tracks and you don’t know what it is. No matter what you try, you can’t seem to get things started, let alone completed. This is the no-money zone. Marketers in this phase haven’t even broken even yet. They’ve heard of this thing called “profit” but they definitely haven’t seen it. They hear about people generating 100+ leads a day, but they can’t seem to get their first 5, let alone any kind of daily lead flow. But they’re on Facebook… They’re getting on all the training calls. They even have a fancy new website. What gives? lol


#2 – The Wheel


reinventing_wheel_20824_1_1_5167You’ve gotten your business started, you have a few customers and you’ve made a little money. Things are starting to make sense kinda and you’ve finally got some results that you can point to. Pat yourself on the back you’ve made it to stage 2! Here are the common traps and land mines that will ruin your momentum and send you right back to the 9 to 5. All though you have some results, you have yet to figure out what is ‘mission critical’ and whats not and what is leverageable and whats not so you try to do it all. You’re attempting to be your own web developer, your own graphic designer, your own social media manager and your own phone sales rep. You’ve put the strategy that got you the few results that you do have on the back burner so you can try this new strategy that seems much easier and faster. You’re skating on dangerously thin ice and you don’t even know it.


#3 – The Wall

urlCongratulations, you’ve made it through the first 2 stages! Give yourself a big high five you marketing stud! This stage usually comes with a little cockiness because you’ve probably been in the game for a little while, your getting recognition from the company you promote and from other industry leaders and your making money. Heck, your probably making a full-time income from home at this point. You’ve successfully navigated and pushed your way through the first 2 big traps and you think your home free, but then you hit a wall. Your so close to the promised land you can see it, but no matter what you do you can’t seem to get there.


Did you figure out which stage your currently at in your business?


Be honest. Its not like you have to publish it in tomorrows newspaper but you do have to personally get clear about it if you want to get to the next level.


Remember those who try and avoid the stages end up going down one very expensive rabbit hole after another and end up nowhere.


Want to know how to transition quickly from one stage to the next?


How to avoid the traps and pitfalls, from people who have experienced it first hand and come out victorious on the other side.


I’ll tell you, this Wednesday at 9pm eastern.


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Its going to be fun, eye opening and who knows…. It may even save your business!


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Thank you,

Adam Chandler

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