5 Tips for Overcoming Overwhelm

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Fact: In the 21st century we have access to more information, training, media and marketing messages than any other time in human history. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. For most its a good thing and a bad thing.

Here’s what I mean….

For most new business owners, especially those of us with internet based businesses and professions we have access to so much information that it can seem overwhelming at times. And I’ve seen many would-be superstar entrepreneurs quit as a result of information overload and not knowing who to trust or even, where to begin.

The most intriguing and valuable insight I’ve learned in the area of handling overwhelm due to information overload is quite simple.

“How you perceive overwhelm determines how you handle overwhelm.” 

overcoming overwhelmMost view overwhelm as a bad thing and it seems like some even view overwhelm as a conspiracy against them. The fact of the matter is that overwhelm always precedes growth and in the information age no new information equals no new money.

Here are 5 tips for overcoming overwhelm due to “information overload,” that can help you navigate the exciting and extremely profitable world of online marketing and 21st century business development.

1.) If “information overload” causes overwhelm than the solution is to better manage the information coming at you on a daily basis.. Just as you schedule follow up calls and prospecting into your day schedule “education time” as a separate activity.

2.) Buy a journal and take note of everything you do in your “business building time.” What did you do between 6pm and 6:30pm?  6:30 and 7pm? Did you react to every distraction that came into your world?

3.)  Schedule “me time” where you completely disconnect from everything. The phone. The computer. Email. Even the family. Find a relaxed atmosphere where you are comfortable and/or pursue an activity or hobby you enjoy. Your best marketing ideas will usually come during this time…

4.) Anytime your feeling anxiety about building your business or overwhelmed by information or some task, a “sudden burst of oxygen” can make you feel instantly better. Drop to the ground and do 20 push-ups or spring up and do 100 jumping jacks. This will often help you think more clearly about the task at hand.

5.) Get a better handle on your productivity by creating a “daily method of operation” that works for you and your current responsibilities in your life. Follow this link to create a rock solid Daily Method of Operation

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