Organo Gold Reviews – They Did What?

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organo gold reviewsOrgano Gold Reviews – This organo gold review will focus on the organo gold product line and the marketing methods Organo Gold reps are taught to introduce people to the business and grow the down-line. In network marketing it is important to have products that stand alone in the marketplace. A great way to measure the stability of a network marketing company is to look at the products being distributed. Are they unique? Would someone purchase the products if there was no business opportunity attached? I feel that in the case of Organo Gold Coffee that is absolutely the case. Click here for more Organo Gold Reviews.

WARNING: This is a non-biased Organo Gold Review from a top earner in the world of online network marketing. The controversial concepts discussed in this information may challenge what you’ve been taught about building your business and your Organo Gold sponsor probably does not want you reading any further.

Organo Gold Review – The products

Organo Gold coffee is a unique product that capitalizes on a major trend. Coffee is the #1 traded commodity in the world and coffee is not something that has been done to death in the network marketing industry. So its not a “me too” product like many vitamins, juice companies, travel opportunities or skin care. The uniqueness of the product is vital to the long term growth of a direct selling company. You can learn more by visiting

Organo Gold Review – The Marketing/Training

When marketing Organo gold coffee as a distributor its important to understand the difference between finding a product customer and a serious business builder. Enough product customers and the organo gold representative can build a long-term walk-away residual income but this takes a great deal of volume.

You must find serious entrepreneurs and professionals to grow a thriving team. And you achieve this through effective marketing. Organo gold, (like most network marketing companies) teach their reps to build the “warm list” of family and friends. And this is a great place to start because you already have a relationship with these people. They know, like and trust you enough to at least look at the business. But what if you don’t have a ton of credibility with that list or what about when your “warm list” dries up.

Most up-line sponsors in this industry will then tell you to go out and use the, “three foot rule” to build your business. That means if someone comes within trhree feet of your person, you should talk to them about your business. This approach does in fact work for some people but, lets get real, who really wants to do that?

Organo Gold Review – The Money is STILL in the list!

You may have been told that the money is in the list in this industry. And that is absolutely correct. But the list has evolved in this industry in recent years. You can build an “email” database of customers and potential customers through generating high quality leads for your organo gold business. This is certainly not an overnight process but in my opinion it beats the hell out of wondering around in shopping malls and grocery stores looking for new prospects. Its actually a very simple 3 step process.

Step 1.) Build a list

Step 2.) Build a relationship with that list

Step 3.) Market to and monetize that list

You see its still about relationships. Building your organo gold business online is no different. This is still a relationship business. So, you are in a way recruiting people into your warm market, building a relationship and then recruiting them into your business opportunity. A complete stranger is not going to join your business on the internet just because you have one and someone tells you any different they are blowing smoke. You have to focus on building a list, (expanding your warm market), and building relationships. That is the secret to success in this industry if there is one. That principle has not changed in 50 years. Only the strategies and methods for doing it have changed and the amount of leverage has evolved and improved greatly.

This simple system allows you to build a high quality list of opportunity seekers and buyers, present yourself as the leader they want to follow and build solid relationships that end with them joining your Organo Gold business.

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