Opportunity Leads – Attract Daily MLM Opportunity Leads And Get Them To Call You

Looking for a way to get quality opportunity leads coming through your sales funnel ten, twenty, even fifty times a day?


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Here’s how to get mlm opportunity leads calling you. First just remember that it is you, not them, who has the solution. If you do this correctly you can have opportunity leads, people looking for a way to make extra money, actually calling you, rather than the other way around.


You can actually become the hunted rather than the hunter.


Let me explain….


In life, everyone is silently looking for their wizard. The one person who is going to take them by the hand and lead them to their perceived version of the promised land. Everyone in life and in business is looking for a leader. In fact, life itself is one big game of follow the leader.


The problem that many network marketers face is they are always taught to pitch the business to everyone with a pulse. You can’t pitch your business all over the internet because you come across as spammy and needy. No one wants to work with anyone who “needs” to make a sale.


They are attracted to people who put out good educational content and marketing material. They then volunteer to dive into your sales funnel by first entering their name, phone number and email. Presto, you then have opportunity leads coming through your sales funnel that you can prospect for whatever you like.


opportunity leadsMLM Opportunity Leads


When recruiting people online into a home based business, network marketing company, mlm, internet marketing deal, or anything where they are attempting to make money from home, its important that they not only know, like and trust you, but they also see you as an authority and a leader.


Here’s how you get prospects to opportunity leads and people looking for a way to make more money to view you as the authority.


You get them to perceive you as an authority by providing valuable information that helps them understand something or gain some insights or information that they were not aware of before. There are several ways to do this online. For example, video marketing, blogging, article marketing, social media sites like Facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube, LinkedIn, just to name a few.


The cool part is that you don’t even have to be the expert.


You simply have to be able to share valuable information and resources and because they found the helpful training and resources through you, you become the perceived expert.


Doesn’t matter if you’ve been in your mlm for a day and you haven’t even gotten your first check, or your a seasoned veteran and multiple 6-figure earner, you can point people towards resources, become perceived as the expert then you will have several opportunity leads seeking you out, looking for advice and information. You then simply find out if they are open to working with you and your supportive, well-trained team.


Where to find opportunity seeker leads


People go to google and the other major search engines every single day looking for ways to make money from home, join a home based business, or look for information about your specific mlm as well as thousands of other companies, products and people. These people are absolutely mlm opportunity leads. Its easy to recruit these people into money making ventures because thats what they were looking for in the first place.


It sure beats the heck out of chasing after your friends and family members, doing home meetings and beating people over the head with a business that they never really expressed any interest in anyway doesn’t it?


Finding opportunity seekers leads on Facebook and social media is as easy as finding who they are following and what groups they belong to. Don’t you think people who are opportunity seeker leads are following some of the biggest leaders in the industry and hanging out in network marketing and make money related groups.


Since most people in these groups just pitch their opportunity anyway you will stand out as the leader and authority since you are actually providing education and services to help them, rather than just pitching them on your deal. Its as simple as networking a bit and finding out if your products, services or opportunity are a fit for them.


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