Online Networking Training – How Is Your F.O.R.M?

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online networking trainingonline networking training, much like in-person networking can be a very lucrative skill when you’re in business for yourself. The acronym F.O.R.M, that I’m about to teach you is helpful to know wether you are networking in-person or online on social media sites like facebook and linkedIn. In fact, F.O.R.M. can help you with phone prospecting as well since it gives you an idea of  the questions you want to ask to “warm up” your prospect and get some basic information from them. You can access powerful online networking training and social media marketing training by clicking here.





Lets say you are at a networking function, or building professional relationships with prospects on facebook. You meet someone that you are interested in learning more about so you introduce yourself. Lets say his name is John. Perhaps for an ice-breaker you say  something like “I couldn’t help but notice your wedding ring, John. How long have you been married? Obviously that would be an “F” question. When John tells you he’s been married for 10 years you could follow up by asking if he has any kids. That may be something you have in common. Use it to connect even further. People love talking about their kids so let them! And remember at this point John barely knows anything about you so it is NOT WISE to go talking about your business. John does not care about you or your business until he knows how much you care about him so keep the conversation about him.

John, what do you do for a living? This is a basic, fact finding question that obviously falls into the O (occupation) category. However you can get a lot of information by asking a simple question like this because, again, people LOVE talking about themselves so let them talk! Maybe you learn that John was a corporate manager for 12 years but got laid off and decided to go into business for himself. Excellent! Tell me more about this new business venture of yours, John..

What do you like to do for fun John? (Recreation)

You could also say something like, what do you like to do when your not (insert business or occupation here)?

Maybe you learn that John loves to waterski or snowski but he hasn’t been able to do it in 5 years because his j.o.b takes all of his time. You’ve now uncovered some pain that you can later use to present your business or services as a potential solution. But don’t be too quick to present your business. Remember were still at the point in the relationship where we’re just learning about them.

M stands for MESSAGE. What does your prospect value? What do they stand for? Are they cause motivated? Are they involved in a charity organization or maybe their local church? This is usually a big motivator for people.

Online networking training

Please note this works basically the same when you are networking on social media or prospecting on the phone. As long as you understand to keep asking questions that keep the other party talking about themselves. F.O.R.M is universal! Also remember, in any of theses mediums that you in business to serve others and more people you serve the more successful you will be. I think it was Paul Mccartney who said the love you take is equal to the love you make. In other words the more you give the more you get and that is a FACT!

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