My 2 “Secret Weapons” | Major Catalysts to my Online Network Marketing Success

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As soon as I woke up this morning I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my current situation.. Yesterday was a major travel day for me as I touched down in Tampa Florida, met with my business partner Jordan Schultz then drove to Melbourne to party and crash with Mr. Tim Erway, co-creator and CEO of Magnetic Sponsoring.

Here is a video the three of us made last time we were together in Las Vegas

This video was shot late night at a VIP party at the No Excuses II summit in Las Vegas in May of 2011.Which brings me to secret #1 that I’ll get to in just a minute.

But first.. a quick rant about becoming successful..

In order to be successful in ANYTHING you must get around people who are more successful than you as often as possible. Think about anything you’ve ever excelled at in your life… When you surround yourself with people who are better than you at that activity, they push you to get better. Their enthusiasm and charisma rubs off on you. Their language sometimes even rubs off on you. They share ideas and new methods of implementation that cause you to think and act differently which can have a profound affect on your results. Spending time with people who are not of like mind can have an opposite and sometimes negative affect. If you are attempting to become a successful entrepreneur and you’re having “water cooler” conversations with employees at your job, you have to offset that by attending twice as many training calls, and getting to live events.


The reason I’m currently in Florida is because this weekend I’m attending a national event for my network marketing company, the Numis Network. Attending live events are essential for a few reasons. First, it’s all about belief. When you get started on a new career path as an entrepreneur in network marketing, direct selling or whatever, doubts will soon come to surface as you will face challenges in the beginning. Your belief in yourself and your ability to make it happen will vastly improve when you attend events and learn that the top producers are just normal flawed human beings just like you and me. Secondly you get to make connections with other people who are also going through the process. And remember it is a process. Nothing worth doing will ever come without a price and it certainly won’t come overnight. You realize that you are not alone and you can form alliances and masterminds that will help keep you in the game over the long haul.

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Secret #2 – Finding Mentors Who Have What you Want

One of the biggest catalysts I’ve identified to my success as a marketer in the home business world is top notch training and high caliber one on one mentoring. I’m currently being coached, once per week, by the #1 income earner in my company. A guy who is currently averaging about $50k per month in his business and has personally sponsored hundreds of reps online. He pushes me to be better. He challenges me to think differently. He helps me to set objectives and goals that enable me to push myself harder and achieve more. In our conversations, which last about 20 minutes to a half hour, I experience at least 3 AHHA moments. Things that I can immediately implement to get results that day. You could have the best business opportunity in the world with the coolest most in demand product and the best compensation plan,  but if you are not working directly with people who have what you want you, you will face countless more challenges and frustrations. I’m not saying that you can’t become successful on your own.. Actually.. scratch that. That is exactly what I’m saying! You cannot become successful without having mentors who can coach you towards your goals.

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