Should I Lead With my MLM Business Opportunity or My Online Marketing System?

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Online Marketing SystemShould I lead with my MLM business opportunity or my online marketing system?

This is a question I get from team members and industry colleagues on a pretty regular basis. This post will cover online as well as offline marketing and provide insights on different situations where you should lead with your MLM business opportunity and the times where it makes more sense to lead with your online marketing system. 

First off, let me just clarify that its my intention to build my primary network marketing business. Not to make money through affiliate marketing. Don’t get me wrong, affiliate commissions are wonderful and I think affiliate marketing is a great way to make extra cash but the whole point of everything I do and sell online is to create qualified buyers for my MLM business, period!


Its all cash flow right?.. Why does it matter how it comes in as long as it keeps coming in?

Because in my opinion the network marketing business model is a far more leveraged model were you can earn income off the efforts of others for a very long period of time. Most of the time with affiliate marketing you make a sale once and get paid once. It usually ends right there.

And another important clarification is that I’ll do whatever works to build my network marketing business. Warm market, cold market, in person meetings, online leads, meetup groups, bandit sings, video marketing, and blogging. I’ve used all of these methods, some more effectively than others, to recruit for my mlm business opportunity.

When should I lead with my MLM business opportunity?

Anytime you do any kind of offline marketing, like meetup groups, warm market, home meetings, restaurant meetings, bandit signs, cold calling professionals, etc. You’ll want to lead with your main mlm business opportunity.

You should have an online business presentation that details your mlm business opportunity or a CD or DVD you can hand someone that describes the benefits of joining the business. This may have been created by the company itself or a successful up-line leader. Some companies use “sizzle calls” or allow prospects to dial in to live or recorded conference calls. If you don’t have any these things in place or an upline leader who can point you in a direction to access them I strongly recommend you start looking for a new company.. Just saying.

 When should I lead with my online marketing system?

Quite simply you should lead with your online marketing system when you are marketing online.

Sounds just crazy enough to work right? 

But many network marketers post links to company replicated websites and post crap online about their business being the best thing since sliced bread. This is wrong. Its also not your fault if you’ ve been marketing in this way. Many companies teach their distributors to “pitch the business” to anything with a pulse. When you use this approach online you come off as desperate and needy and no body wants to join a business with a needy and desperate person. 

This is where affiliate marketing comes into play with my business model. When I’m marketing online I lead with information and training that solves a problem or problems faced by my prospects.

If I know the biggest challenges you face in your business are your lack of leads and lack of positive cash flow I can simply say, “Follow this link to generate more higher quality leads and sponsor more reps following a system process.” This builds trust with them and positions me as the leader and the authority.

When the initial sale is made I know I now have a qualified prospect for my MLM business opportunity. The initial sale is usually a low cost educational product or marketing system like MLSP. I’ve been marketing online with MLSP  very effectively for the past 3 years.

Follow this link to learn how I made an additional $78,306.95 with MLSP from people who said “no” to my network marketing business.

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