Online Business Systems | What to Look For and What to Look Out For

Online Business SystemsOnline Business Systems

Online business systems are fairly new and therefor incredibly scary to many people. When I tell some of my “non entrepreneur” friends that I have a marketing “system” they usually look at me with a confused look and it is usually followed up with a question about a pyramid. This use to bother me until I think about the fact that I make more money before I wake up in the morning than most of them make in a full day of work. People are skeptical of online business systems the way people use to be skeptical about the franchise business model. It was new back in the 1970’s and therefor met with skepticism and distrust.

Am I suggesting that all online business systems are completely trust worthy? Absolutely not!

Due dilligance, research and trusting of your own intuition and gut feeling is going to be the best ways to determine if you are looking at legitimate online business systems or the dreaded online business system scam!

The online business scam

The online business system scam is one of the most feared terms in the world of online business. There are far fewer scams than most people think there are out there on the world wide web. I’ve personally invested tens of thousands of dollars into information products related to online business. I’ve purchased business opportunities and online business systems and I’ve never once been scammed.. Not once!.. Knock on wood.

People are people and average people love to justify their failures. Many people get started in business opportunities or online business systems thinking its going to be a piece of cake and they can put a few ads out on the internet and having checks pouring into their bank accounts by this time next month. Profiting from online business systems is like profiting from any business. It takes hard work and dedication and those who do not fully commit are destined to fail. I’ve seen this happen many times. After a few months the individual realizes that this is a real business and will require real work. They quit after a month or two of zero profit and justify their failure by telling the world they were duped by an online business scam.

Online business systems marketing

Online business systems marketing platforms usually consist of training and education related to driving traffic or lead generation. The online business systems I’ve been involved with usually provide cutting edge marketing training in the areas of social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing and pay per click just to name a few. I’ve personally branded myself both locally and internationally as a savvy internet marketer through the education I’ve received in online business systems. Online business systems marketing training in many instances are taught by very successful online marketers. You cannot receive a 7-figure online marketing education in any college that I know of but you can through many online marketing systems.

Online business systems reviews

This next section will describe online business systems reviews of two major online marketing systems.  Both of which I have personally used to achieve results in my own business. You will also learn what to look for and what to look out for in an online business system.

Online business systems reviews – carboncopypro

CarbonCopyPro is an online marketing system and educational platform. The “system” part comes into play in that it is a sales funnel that sells big ticket back end products. It is complete with an application process to separate the serious entrepreneurs from the “tire kickers” and a mid level educational product that is usually only a few hundred dollars. The back end big ticket products are where the real money is made. If you are serious about generating above average income online and have the investment capital to get started the CCpro online business system could potentially be the right choice for you.

Online business systems reviews – MyLeadSystemPRO

The fact that I am a top producer with this system means that I am a little bias. MyLeadSystemPro is in many ways a “spin off” system from CarbonCopyPro. The three creators of MLSP were all top producers with CarbonCopyPRO and that is where they learned much what they know about internet marketing. MyleadSystemPro is much more “affiliate based” with several affiliate income streams built in. This “attraction marketing” system also promotes the marketer themselves on the front end and offers a way to get more qualified prospects into the marketers network marketing company on the back end.

Both systems act with a great deal of integrity and are all about putting as much profit as possible into the pockets of their committed members.

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