Online Business Opportunities – What’s HOT in 2011?

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online business opportunitiesOnline business opportunities

Online business opportunities are all scams! Of course I’m just kidding but I’ve actually heard people say that before. It’s unfortunate for them because that belief will block opportunity from showing itself to them. You’ve heard the saying that “weather you think you can or think you can’t you’re right?” Well that goes for online business opportunities as well. If you think everyone is out to scam you online that is exactly what you will manifest. However, if you see the maturing internet as a world of possibility then online business opportunities will be plentiful and will show up everywhere. I don’t know how you feel about all that new age mind over matter stuff but in my experience its very true.. Now lets get down to brass tax and discuss some of your options when seeking online business opportunities.

Like it or not in the world of business you have to accept the fact that you’re going to have to sell. I recently heard that 97% of the population will avoid any situation where they have to “sell.” Funny how only 3% of the population controls 97% of the wealth. Getting good at sales and marketing will be vital to your success with any venture online or offline. Internet business opportunities for the most part require making sales to be successful. Luckily for us many internet business opportunities come with a great deal of training and education in the way of sales and marketing. Some opportunities have products directly related to online sales and marketing education. With this type of business you can fund your own education by following simple training and finding others who are looking for the same type of knowledge and training. See my post on starting an internet marketing business.

Residual income opportunities

Some of the best internet business opportunities have compensation plans structured for both upfront income and residual passive income. So you can pay your bills today and have the type of long term residual income to retire on tomorrow. Residual income opportunities are not hard to find but take a certain level of commitment and dedication to build. Unfortunately most people never get to the point where they generate residual income on a large scale because they quit long before their enterprise ever bears those fruits. Some of the best residual income opportunities online are found in the network marketing and affiliate marketing industries.

Learn how we combine network marketing and affiliate marketing for both upfront and residual passive income

Building residual income

Building residual income is overlooked by many business owners. They are all about making sales and profit today and there is nothing wrong with that. But the internet is full of opportunities for building residual income and creating long term customers who buy products monthly. Many affiliate marketing businesses and network marketing businesses require customers to buy products monthly or on auto-ship which can add up to some serious residual income.

Network marketing and affiliate marketing in many cases prove to be excellent online business opportunities for a few other reasons as well. First, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. These business models provide both the training and the support as well as handle the shipping and creating the products. The individual (you) gets to take part in the distribution process and take a nice share of the profits that would otherwise go to mass advertising campaigns. Many internet business opportunities are found within these industries and they can provide an excellent vehicle for building residual income.

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