Plains, Trains, RV’s and One Hell of A Northeastern Vacation

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“the Albany airport is surprisingly really nice unlike the rest of Albany.. lol.. Just landed Chicago Midway which is sick but that’s no surprise.. Denver Bound!” – Adam Chandler (facebook post)

After a full saturday of traveling from VT to Albany New York then a flight to Denver via Chicago Midway I’m finally back home in Colorado which is kinda weird to say I was just home (my family’s home where I grew up) in Vermont. I realize I just mentioned a bunch of random places but stay with me..

Though this trip was mostly for fun and vacation I mixed in a little business by first attending an “invitation only” online marketing event held in lower manhattan called the CarbonCopyPRO TenforTen event. 

The event was incredible and I’m excited to implement what I learned there, (more on that in a future post). After staying in the East village of Manhattan for a few days and attending the event I took a train from Grand Central to Connecticut where I met with my brother and ended up camping for a night with him and his two awesome kids Kinsey (14) and Robin (11).  It felt like going from one extreme to the next. One minute I was changing subway trains in the gridlock of Manhattan and the next searching for fire wood in calm nature while camping in New Milford Connecticut. 

My family lives in the town of Williston in Northwestern Vermont which is where I headed after camping. Above is a picture of  the nearby City of Burlington where some of my best friends live and where I spent a great deal of the next two weeks. Located on beautiful Lake Champlain Burlington is one of my favorite small cities with incredible natural beauty, laid back people and a great atmosphere.

My stay with my friends and family in Vermont was fun and very relaxing. During that period my friends and I rented an RV and went to a music festival in Mohawk New York for my friend Doug’s bachelor party. After experiencing a 10,000 person jam band festival in an RV I don’t think I can ever do it again roughing it in a tent.  See my post about Moe.Down.

Although I was camping again, this time was much different to say the least. I mean common..  it was a bachelor party and without getting into the details an unavoidable amount of debauchery certainly ensued.

I recovered back in Vermont for several days following the festival but it was worth it and we sent Doug home with (fuzzy) memories of a great time!

My northeast tour finished with a final night in Burlington for the annual South End Art hop. My friends and I toured several exhibits done by local artists through a very “down” section of Burlington. It was the perfect “low key” way to end this 3 week vacation and my northeastern fall tour.

I have 3 weeks to work before my next trip to Vegas in early October and I plan to make them extremely productive. Right around the corner I have my “Live the Dream” marketing event at the Venetian. 

Although I would not trade one blade of grass I am happy to be back now in Colorado. That was one of the most exhausting vacations I’ve ever taken and I’m happy it has come to an end. My plan now is to take my business to a whole new level and get ready for an explosive last quarter of 2010.

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