Numismatic Coin Values Explained by Keith Love – 20 Year Numismatic Industry Vet

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A few months ago I hosted an event in Denver, Colorado for my gold and silver numismatic coin business. Quite simply, we show people how to collect gold and silver coins for free, get a tax write off for purchasing it, while creating a cash-flow business in an entrepreneurial team atmosphere. You can learn more about the exciting business by clicking here right now.

Due to the relationship that the founders of our company has within the Numismatic coin industry we had the unique pleasure of hearing from mr. Keith Love. Keith is a Colorado resident who does a lot of work with the Denver Mint. His track record in the industry is second to none. He has testified in several federal cases on counterfit coins. The following video is of Keith explaining his role in the Numismatic coin industry and how we as a company can benefit from his knowledge and connections. Watch as Keith explains Numismatic coin values at this live event.

Numismatic coin values seem to be highly misunderstood by most people. We are fortunate to have such an experienced coin expert in our own backyard and working with our team. Follow this link for more information on Numis Network Coins.

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