Numis Network Denver Slight Edge Training with Co-Founder Jake Kavorkian

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Numis Network DenverLast weekend I hosted an event in Denver Colorado for the Numis Network. Numis is a network marketing company I’ve attached my name to for close to 2 years now and I’ve become the highest ranked distributor in the state of Colorado .

It was an honor to have Numis Network co-founder Jake Kavorkian fly out from Tampa Florida to Denver to speak at the event. We also had Canadan’s #1 Numis rep Erwin Meken from Toronto to help us with the event and share his business building insights and leadership with our group.

In the morning I took the stage and introduced Jake who ran the Numis business presentation portion of the event. In the afternoon Jake interviewed Keith Love who works very closely with Numis as one of their coin experts. Keith has been in the Numismatic industry for 20+ years and actually sells coins to the Denver mint, as crazy as that sounds. We learned a great deal about the real value of Numis Network coins from Keith’s portion of the event.

Erwin then rocked the house during his presentation where he shared insights from his 10 years of experience in the direct selling industry. Jake closed out the event with his “slight edge” presentation which was the highlight of the event for me. Watch the following video where Jake explains how the “Slight Edge” can either work in your favor and result in massive success or work against you and end in disaster! Enjoy!

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