Numis Network Coins… Are they Legit? Overpriced? Lets Ask a Coin Expert!

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numis network coinsA few weeks ago I was in Tampa Florida for the second annual Numis Network convention. The event was electrifying. The speakers were terrific and the announcements that were made at the event floored the attendees. But this post is not about the Cruise or the Silver Eagle bonus. Its not about the pre-launch of the UK that is going down as we speak. This post is about Numis Network coins. Are they legit? Are they overpriced? Are Numis Network coins the real deal?

One of the speakers at the event in Tampa was a 20+ year coin grading expert by the name of Keith Love. Keith shed some light on the Numismatic collectible coin industry, how coins are graded and how many coins come from the mint in perfect, flawless MS70 condition. Watch this video interview I did with Keith to learn about the real value of numis network coins.

Numis Network Coins

I hope this video shed some light on the actual value of Numis Network coins. Visit this link to learn more about working directly with me and my team in the Numis Network

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