No Excuses Summit 2011 – My Top 5 Biggest Takeaways from NES2

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“Your income will directly reflect your associations”  No Excuses Summit

This quote although incredibly simple is also very profound and very true. This is why attending live events like the no excuses summit in Las Vegas is vitally important to the long and short term success of your business. More on that in just a minute. This post is all about my top 5 takeaways that I believe are going to have the biggest and most profound impact on my business moving forward. Now that doesn’t mean that I heard these concepts for the first time at the No Excuses Summit. But sometimes you must hear or learn something several times before it really sinks in. These are my top 5 biggest takeaways that I feel will have the largest impact on my business moving forward. I hope these insights help you take the next step in your business and your life as well. Click here for free leads and free training!

Takeaway # 1

Mark Hoverson No Excuses Summit“People cannot buy your product, they can ONLY buy your marketing” – Mark Hoverson, No Excuses Summit 2011

Wow! Mark Hoverson completely blew me away at this event. I think his message may have gone over the heads of some newbie marketers honestly, but for me the timing was perfect. Marks presentation was all about decreasing buyers resistance in order to sell more. He said that buyers resistance is the ONLY thing stopping you from making more sales. I feel that a mistake many MANY network marketers make is that they think their product has something (or everything) to do with their results. This is wrong. Although its great to have a unique product and something that delivers great value to your prospects what they really buy is you. They buy your leadership. They buy your creativity. They buy your marketing. Start thinking about your UMP. Your unique marketing proposition. What is the value your prospect derives from working with YOU that they could not get somewhere else? Start asking bigger questions like this and you will see bigger results.

Takeaway #2

Ray Higdon No Excuses Summit“You don’t really know something unless you’ve lived it and you have the results to prove it” -Ray Higdon No Excuses Summit 2011

I’ve heard that the phrase, “I already know that,” is one of the most dangerous phrases a human being can speak. Because in most cases we don’t know it. Maybe we’ve heard of it. but we don’t really know something until we’ve lived it and we have the results to prove it. This is important. So although you may know search engine optimization, you dont really know it until you have the results to prove it. You may think you know how to build a profitable business in the network marketing industry but are you in profit? Do you really know it or have you just heard about how to build a business from other people? Stop being a know it all and start becoming a learn it all and a do it all!

Takeaway #3

David Wood No Excuses Summit“Act like your prospect is already a member of your downline” David Wood,  No Excuses Summit 2011

David Wood is one of the most skilled and knowledgable online marketers and overall network marketers that I know. He’s personally recruited over 2,000 people into both MyLeadSystemPRO and his network marketing opportunities over the past year and a half. If that doesn’t impress you than you probably know nothing about this industry and I’m not sure why you’d even be reading this post. David basically walked us through his process for recruiting people into his primary network marketing business. He said that he basically acts like his prospects are already downline members. He gives them assignments. He basically walks them through the process of signing up into his company without even asking them if they are ready to join. Its more than asking for the sale. Its assuming the sale. Its sending a telepathic message to the prospect that, “I am the leader you are looking for.” Because no one is looking for a business opportunity. But everyone is looking for a leader. They are looking for that one person who can guide them to the promised land. Now Is that you? Click here to check out the marketing system David and I use to generate thousands of leads for our network marketing businesses.

Takeaway #4

Andrew-Cass-No-Excuses-Summit“Changes in language lead to big changes in behavior” – Andrew Cass, No Excuses Summit 2011

So yes this was the second BIGGIE I took away from Andrew Cass’ presentation. His presentation was all about productivity and being more effective in your business by using your time more wisely. I was so impressed by this that I purchased a course that he promoted on productivity that I’m very excited about. And this is something that i’ve learned before and i’ve started to implement but there is a great deal of room for improvement. The fact is that the language we use and the way we communicate with ourselves and others directly reflect our results. If you go around saying, “my leads suck,” or, “no one is signing up with me” or, “I can’t afford it” YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! And you are affirming to yourself that this what is going to continue to happen in your life. Start using phrases like, “I will” and “I am.” “I am becoming a better marketer and therefor attracting better leads.” “I will improve my self talk in order to improve my results.” “I am the leaders others are looking for.” Change your internal communication and you will change your results!

Takeaway #5

“Your income will directly reflect your associations” Andrew Cass, No Excuses Summit 2011

If you hang around with positive successful people you will become a positive successful person. If you hang around with employee minded unsuccessful people who think you have to win the lottery if you want to become financially successful you will experience a great deal of challenges in your life. If you have conversations about increasing your value and delivering that value that a deeper and wider audience like the countless conversations I had at the no excuses summit in this past weekend you will be on your way to greater prosperity. If your conversations revolve around the water cooler at work and you talk about last nights episode of dancing with the stars with people who will never make more than 40 thousand dollars in a year then guess what? You will never make more than 40 thousand dollars in a year. Your income is a direct reflection of your associations. Improve your associations and your conversations and your income and your business will directly improve as a result.

The fact of the matter is that live events are where the magic happens in this industry. Get to events and watch your results improve before your eyes. Click here for insights into building your network marketing list and join me at the live the dream event in Disney World, October 2011!

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