Why Resolutions Fail | How About A New Years Commitment This Year?

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New Years commitmentDid you have any drunk people on new years eve telling you how awesome 2011 is going to be? How this is going to be “their year,” and the year they finally make some major changes in their lives..

Okay, so I’m not alone here? Great.

Maybe it was the booze talking or maybe they truly have a strong desire to make radical changes. They resolve to make changes in the new year and by March 15th or even February 5th they’ve fallen back into the old routine, doing that which is familiar.

Why is this? Why does our conscious minds claim to want something and then our unconscious mind steps in and says, “yeah thats not going to happen.. Better luck next year”

Why do most new years resolutions fail? I took a poll on my facebook fan page to see what other people think and I got some great answers. Everything from, deserve issues, to conditioning, to overshooting our goals. All great answers!

And its most likely a mixture of all of them. A person may consciously say he wants to get in better shape but unconsciously he says, I want that late night slice of pepperoni pizza.

I think that is why most peoples new years resolutions fail. First of all, “resolving” to do something implies pain. You are actually saying this will be uncomfortable so the subconscious will naturally resist that which it perceives to be painful. Your subconscious mind will find ways to get you back to your, “comfort zone,” doing that which is familiar. We really are creatures of habit.

This year how about a new years commitment?

When you commit to doing something it is much more difficult to allow yourself to fall back into that which is familiar. A real commitment implies that there are no other options. Like the famous warrior who instructed his men to, “burn the ships,” when they reached the shores of their enemy. “Either we sail home on their ships or we all die here today.”

Some of the most successful people I know reached success only when they really committed to it. When they burned the ships. When they threw “plan b” out the window. In most cases their back was so far against the wall that they no other option. They would either succeed or perish. And on the flip side its always the people who, “give it a try” or dip their toe in to test the water who inevitably fail because they did not commit. Their belief was not strong enough and they did not commit so they failed.

So, I guess what I’m saying is go big or go home!

I’m saying burn the ships!

I’m saying quit your fucking day job!

Its time to sink or swim. Jump in with both feet and truly commit to what it is you mean to accomplish. That is the way to accomplish your goals and get what you want. “I will until,” is your new mantra. ¬†Meaning, you’ll do whatever it takes to reach your desired promised land. That is a real commitment. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or what I have to do (as long as its moral), or what my friends and relatives think. I simply will persist until I have reached my goal. (For an inspiring message on persistence read my post on “The Travelers Gift.)

“Commitment is doing the thing you said you would do long after the mood to do it has passed”

Are you ready to make a real commitment? Do you agree with the message in this post? If so, or even if not please leave me a comment below and share your thoughts.

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