The New Online Gold Rush is Here and its MOBILE!

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Were you around the internet marketing world between 2006 and 2009?


A lot of people didn’t even realize the modern day gold rush that was happening in the online marketing world in those days…


but the smart marketers who did recognize the unique timing of the situation capitalized BIG TIME!


By the way, i’m in no way claiming to be one of those “smart marketers”

The New Online Gold Rush is mobile

The New Online Gold Rush is mobile

In fact I only caught the tail-end of the Google “gold rush” back then and even though I barely knew what I was doing at the time, I still managed to turn a profit from it. Not because I’m special though… A blindfolded monkey with a ad budget could have made money on the internet back in those days.. If they had the right marketing system, which I did!


The wave of prosperity that was created during that time and the amount of people getting rich from it, could really only be compared to the actual California gold rush of the 1850’s, where multitudes flooded west, into California to stake their claims and their fortunes… Fortunes that were there for the taking for anyone with the courage (and patience) to make it happen.


Looking back, after the dust had settled and many pioneers had already rode off into the sunset with a big bag of cash, I was in awe of what I had just witnessed.


Although I was a bit upset that I had missed it… and probably even more upset that I had caught some of it but lacked the skills and vision to really see what was happening… I vowed that if something like that ever happened again I would position myself to capitalize on it the way I had seen so many others do the last time.


Enter the new MOBILE Gold Rush


Mobile marketing is today, where regular internet marketing was right around 2006.


Its the wild west!


Fortunes will be made… And sadly, like every other gold rush, some people will get left in the dust.


But this time it will not be me!


Want to see how I’m positioning myself in front of this growing, global trend, where spending on mobile advertising is expected to double every year for the next 5 years?


Get the mCommerce Blueprint right here to learn about this growing trend, and how you too can get on the forefront of it…


… And who knows maybe a few years from now… You and I will ride off into the sunset with giant bags of cash because, this time, we did have the vision and the courage to pursue it!


Adam Chandler

adam chandler

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