7 Actions Of A Core Distributor On Your Network Marketing Team

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If you’ve ever wondered what a core distributor on your network marketing team would look like, this blog post will paint a pretty clear picture of that. Here’s how to get the most value from this post.  As I go through the characteristics of what makes Doug DeMercurio one of the best network marketing team members any industry professional could possibly ask for, write them out so you can begin to attract similar leadership on your own network marketing team.


I first met my good friend and now business partner Doug DeMercurio at a restaurant that he owned in Windsor, Colorado. We met through my other good friend and Team member Tom Merkey who joined me in my network marketing business several months prior. Check out my blog post about another awesome leader on our team Tom Merkey.


Doug was looking for a way to market and get more online exposure for his restaurants, which began to struggle when the economy hit.


Tom and I introduced Doug to our online marketing system to show him how entrepreneurs are marketing businesses online in the 21st century. Doug later saw the income potential of our invisible business model and joined our team in our network marketing team shortly thereafter.


In the beginning Doug had marginal success. He began generating a few online leads here and there and slowly but surely the affiliate commissions started rolling in.


Even though on the surface everything seemed fine for Doug at the time the more we got to know him the more we realized what a tough spot he was in.


Let me explain….  


Doug had a big beautiful home in northern Colorado and multiple restaurants that seemed to be doing just fine. Doug had been a career chef and successful restaurant owner for many years but one of those restaurants began losing about $5,000 a month. Being the dedicated entrepreneur that he is Doug put countless hours into turning that situation around but to no avail. 


Like many baby boomers at 62 years of age Doug was worried about how he and his wife Connie would be able to retire. 


As soon as Doug sold that restaurant we noticed an immediate shift in his mental attitude and the results in his online business began to really takeoff as a result.


Its funny because a couple years back during this period, Doug and I attended an event in Denver Colorado with a multiple 7-figure entrepreneur by the name of Jeffrey Combs. Jeff is an expert at spotting what holds people back from getting the success they desire. One look at Doug and he could see the pain and frustration that Doug was enduring at the time.


Jeff referred to Doug as “the worst possible type of person you could have on your network marketing team.”


He wasn’t trying to be mean but he could tell that Doug was very much operating from his left brain. His analytical brain. And that he was operating from a place of fear, worry and frustration.


If Jeff was correct in that statement he made about Doug a couple years ago, then Doug has successfully transitioned from the worst possible  person to have in a network marketing organization to the best possible person to have in a network marketing organization.


Pretty cool transition huh?


Here’s what I believe makes Doug the best possible person to have in a network marketing team. Here’s why you should be trying to attract people like Doug to your team.

  1.  He is a student of the industry, a student of marketing, a student of personal development and he loves to learn
  2. He is excited about our business, our product and our opportunity and he regularly shares it with other people
  3. He attends every live event for our company and he regularly attends online training webinars
  4. He helps me spread the message and vision of our company to our team. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for that  
  5. His goal is to surpass me in our organization and I truly hope he does ; ) 
  6. He has long term vision and he’s extremely good at planning for the future
  7. He’s extremely consistent and he is constantly working to attain “the slight edge.”  

Another reason Doug is the man is because while other network marketers his age will use age as an excuse not to learn internet marketing or become successful online, Doug doesn’t buy into that BS and he knows that to become successful has to adapt and change with the times.


While other baby boomers hold themselves back and refuse to accept the internet and social media, Doug fully embraces it.


He generates more online leads than anyone else on our team and he publishes a blog where he gets more online traffic than anyone else on our team. Which probably puts him in the top .00000000001% of 60+ year old entrepreneurs in the category of blogging and online lead generation.


Doug is a champion because when adversity and challenges showed up in his life he decided to meet them head on and fight back. That is just his nature. Its the way he’s wired. He got WAY out of his comfort zone and effectively made the transition from a chef and successful restaurant owner to online marketer and successful network marketing leader!


I feel overwhelmed with gratitude when I think about having Doug DeMercurio in my life and business and look forward to many years of busness growth together! Thank you Doug!


You can learn more about Doug by visiting his blog at DougDeMercurio.com


If you want more information about working with Doug and I on our network marketing team team visit RestRockMarketing.com

Adam Chandler


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