5 Actions of A Core Distributor in Your Network Marketing Organization

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network marketing organizationWhat is a core distributor in your network marketing organization?

Simply put, a core distributor is someone who follows the system. They understand that there is no need to re-invent the wheel. Following the “system” on a consistent basis is what will make them successful because it is proven to work, right?

Only about 10-20 percent of your direct sales / network marketing organization will be your, “core distributors” because only 10-20 percent will actually follow the system. The rest will prolong their results by chasing the latest and greatest strategy or trying to develop their own system.

These are the 5 actions of a core distributor in your network marketing organization. Visit my post about Direct Sales Training for more information about how to take your network marketing business to the next level.

1.) Use and share the products

You want to become a product of your product. It doesn’t make sense to share what you have with people if you do not use your products and services yourself. I think that really comes down to being a person of integrity and having a strong belief and conviction about what your doing.

2.) Show the opportunity

Network marketing or direct sales is a business of exposures. You don’t have to be a professional sales person to make money in netowrk marketing. Many sales people don’t succeed at network marketing because they bring their sales mentality to the industry and scare most people off. They try and explain the business opportunity to their prospects and the prospects think they have to do the same and they don’t get started.

Don’t worry about being a professional sales person. Become a professional inviter and let the sales tools so the selling and explaining for you. Follow up and collect the decission and then move on. This sends a message to the prospect that they can do what you just did and they don’t need to know every little detail about the business or the products because all they have to do is invite people to watch a presentation.

If you show NO PEOPLE the opportunity you will make NO MONEY. If you show SOME PEOPLE you will make SOME MONEY and if you show LOTS OF PEOPLE you will make LOTS OF MONEY!

3.) Attend and Promote Events

Live events are where the magic happens in this business. You get connected with the leaders and other distributors and get excited about the opportunity. I don’t know what the exact number is but if you don’t get your new distributors to some kind of live events in their first 6 months, the chance of them making through the first year decreases dramatically. It affects their belief level because they see real people making it happen. At my first live marketing event I learned that the top producers where not very much unlike myself. They were not larger than life or super-human like I had made them out to be in my own mind. They were just people like myself who decided to take action towards imporving their life. The more of your own team members you get to live events, the more successful your network marketing organization will be, period.

4.) Work on Your Self Improvement

Your income will very rarely exceed your level of personal development. Working on your mindset is vital to your short and long term success in your business. Your organization will also do what you do, so if you are working on your mindset, they will follow your lead and do so as well. Imagine having an organization of mental giants who plow through obstacles like they were tiny speed bumps on the road to success. Those are the type of people or, “core distributors” you want in your direct sales organization.

5.) Learn and teach the system

We mentioned the importance of the system earlier in this post. Become a student of the system so you can turn around and teach it to others. And don’t worry about becoming an expert before you teach. You don’t need to know everything in order to teach. You just need to know more than the other guy.

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