My #1 Shortcut to Big Checks in Network Marketing – Find a Mentor

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5-figures-monthly-in-network-marketingDo you like shortcuts? There is certainly no way to “get rich quick” in business and I say that with absolute certainty. You may have been hyped into some MLM deal by smoke merchants who want you to believe that you can get rich quick with no actual work but I promise they are straight up lying to you. However you can find shortcuts that can cut years off your learning curve if you know where to look and who to listen to.

Would you like to cut years off your learning curve in the network marketing industry? 

Its very possible. I know because I’ve done it. Every instance where I’ve noticed exceptional growth in my business has come NOT as the result of finding a new business or some “secret marketing strategy,” but when I’ve found a new network marketing mentor. When i’ve attracted someone into my life who  has experienced infinitely better results than I had.

This is so absolutely key to your growth as an entrepreneur its scary.

For example I recently starting doing weekly coaching sessions with the #1 income earner in my network marketing company, Ray Higdon. We have a 20-30 minute one on one coaching session every Monday morning at 7am my time. I leave these Monday morning coaching calls with at least one “ahha moment” and usually several. Ray gives me insights on how to be more effective at prospecting, closing, he teaches my ways to motivate and expand my team and shares insights on personal development and how I can be a better entrepreneur all together. These are insights that has allowed him to make up to $70,000 per month in his business that he is passing on to me. Of course I’m going to listen to his every word and implement as much as I can.

Who are you learning from and do they have the results you want?

Do you have mentors and coaches who have the results you want or are you totally going it alone? 

Do you have other people in your corner that you can share ideas, successes and/or failures with?

If not this can be a long and painful ride full of frustration and disappointment. Wow that was a painful sentence to even write! But there are ways to stop the agonizing pain of frustration and the feeling that you are going through this process all by yourself!

Find a mentor! 

The impact that finding a network marketing mentor has had on my business has been incredible. Its allowed me to cut years off my learning curve and it can do the same for you. That is why I’ve created my all new legacy mentoring series. Due to my own time restrictions and wanting to give my coaching students the most value possible I’ve limited it to just 5 new coaching clients.

Watch this 12 minute video to learn how you can take advantage of this special offer by being part of my “beta group” of coaching students. Private coaching and high caliber training has allowed me to go full time in my business in my first year while other marketers do not last through year one. Its allowed me to win affilate contests where I’ve won high end electronics and luxury vacations including an all expense paid trip to Cancun Mexico as part of the MLSP leaders retreat and most recently a 6 night luxury cruise of the western Caribbean.

This first beta group of my new legacy mentoring program will get several coaching and training bonuses including a one-on-one private coaching call with my network marketing mentor, mr. Ray Higdon. Learn about these coaching bonuses and more by visiting

Here is a screen shot of a fan page post from 2 of my mentoring students.

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