Network Marketing Lists | 3 Simple Steps to Guarantee Results

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network marketing listsYou’ve heard it before I’m sure.. The money is in the list! It’s a statement that is based in fact no matter what industry you’re in. Network marketing lists come in many different forms. You have genealogy lists, “opportunity” lists you can purchase from lead vendors; You can build your own network marketing email lists (recommended), even a twitter or a facebook account could be considered a part of your network marketing lists as long as it is a profiled list of existing network marketers and prospects. Click here to check out the program I’ve used to build a list of thousands of OPPORTUNITY BUYERS and become an industry top producer in a fairly short period of time.

Over the past 3 years I’ve been in the network marketing industry I’ve created what I consider substantial results and I believe it’s because I’ve followed a very basic 3 step formula.

Step 1 – Build a list

Step 2 – Build a relationship with that list

Step 3 – Market to and monetize that list

When you focus on building your network marketing email lists rather than just building a down-line in a company or organization you have options. The fact of the matter is that no matter how great your company is (or how great you think it is) 90% of your prospects are going to say NO to your opportunity. Those of us with the fortitude and conviction to press forward can make a virtually unlimited amount of income off of the remaining 10%. However, many network marketers miss this because when someone says NO to their opportunity that is where the relationship in most cases ends. When you focus on building network marketing email lists that you own and you control you can market various training products, business opportunities and whatever else you want over a long period of time.

Network marketing email lists are ASSETS! Lets say your company goes out of business. I’m sure that could never happen to you since you belong to the best company in the world but trust me, I’ve seen it happen many times for many different reasons. If you only focused on building that company you could potentially find yourself out of business with all your hard work and effort down the tubes. I’ve seen it happen to good friends of mine and I’m sure its a terrible feeling. One of my friends in particular had that happen to him about a year and a half ago. Because he had focused on building his list and not just his company he was able to walk into a new opportunity and personally sponsor 90 people in his first week! He also makes an additional $15,000 per month selling training programs to his network marketing lists on top of what he makes in his network marketing business.

Network Marketing Mailing lists

Aside from creating your own email list which does take time and dedication, you can purchase network marketing mailing lists through lead vendors. These are often called geneology lists. Network marketing mailing lists or genealogy list is not necessarily a profiled list. You could find that you get a lot of old information and disconnected phone numbers or that the list is mostly product customers and not people who were actively building the business. This could potentially be a huge waste of time and money. I’m certainly NOT suggesting that all Network marketing mailing lists are bad but be careful and if you do purchase one of these network marketing mlm mailing lists that it comes from a trusted source.

Traditional network marketers can even look at their existing networks as part of their list. Successful network marketers that have spent decades in the industry can walk into a new opportunity and become a top producer virtually overnight because of their rolodex or their “list” of professional contacts that they’ve built up over the years.

When someone is brand new to network marketing they usually have no list. It is why many networkers struggle and often give up in the beginning before they’ve even had time to build their list. That is why it is imperitive to get your new team members to work on their list immediately! At first their list is going to be made up people that they already have existing relationships with. This is called the “warm list,” and its a great place for newbies to start.  In my 3 step formula above you can basically skip step 2 with this model because there is already a relationship there. The challenge when you get beyond the warm list is to build trust and rapport with your prospects and turn them into warm list prospects and then business partners and team members. Click here to learn more about effectively building your network marketing list

This is the best way I’ve found to accomplish that feat!

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