Network Marketing List | Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Network Marketing List

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network marketing listMany marketers make very similar and very costly mistakes when getting started in the industry and building their network marketing list. I’ve heard that a brand new network marketer is like a child with a loaded gun. They have just enough information to be dangerous. They get all excited about this new company they got involved with thats going to make them a millionaire by this time next month and they have go tell everyone. Don’t get me wrong ignorance on fire can be a good thing and you want people in your organization who are going to get excited about the opportunity. But trying to explain something that you yourself don’t fully understand to someone else can be a recipe for disaster! This post is more about building an effective network marketing list than it is about how to get started in a business properly, but you will find it to be loaded with little golden nuggets and tidbits that can help any marketer in any level of the business. In a hurry? Click here to learn how we build lists of quality contacts using cutting edge online strategies.

The Warm List

A network marketing list could be the “warm list” that we are taught to create when we get started with a new company. This is the list of your family and/or friends and/or contacts that you have an existing relationship with. Network marketing is a relationship business. No amount of technology is going to change that. When creating your warm list you want to rate them based on your relationship with that person because you want to use a slightly different approach when contacting them. For example, the people you have the strongest relationship with are the people you want to contact first. They already know you like you and trust you, hopefully.

You can contact them and say something simple like, “Hey I just got involved with a business and I don’t know much about it yet but I want to run it by you to see what you think before I expose any real people.” See that approach would work on someone who you have a trusted relationship with but not with someone who you don’t. Get it? ok good.

Now we all have people in our live who are more successful than us. These people are usually the most intimidating people to contact. That is why this is called your chicken list. A big mistake many network marketers make is to not contact these people at all. We have a tendency to recruit down the socio-economic scale. The problem with this is that your broke friend is usually more skeptical about business opportunities than the successful people in your life. They can also actually afford what you have to sell, which is nice ; )

An effective approach you can use when contacting successful people is to stroke their ego.You could say something like, “Hi Mary I just got involved with a business opportunity that I’m excited about and since I respect you as a leader and I greatly respect your opinion, I was wondering if you could take a look and give me your honest feedback. Do you have 30 minutes to watch a presentation?” See thats not too difficult, is it?

Building Your Network Marketing Email List

Another costly mistake people make when building their network marketing list is to think that the warm list is all their is. I see people that hit their warm list hard at first and recruit a handful of people then they have no idea how to recruit anyone else. As you’re contacting the people on your warm list you also want to bigin to think long-term. And work on ways of adding people to your network marketing email list. This is a cold-market list that you turn into warm prospects through proper follow up and relationship building. There are literally millions of ways to grow a network marketing email list. In my opinion the best way to do this is to have a lead generation system. One that has a follow up system for building relationships via email and social media. Click here to check out my lead generation system that I’ve used to build a list of thousands of cold market prospects and turn them into buyers and eventually downline distributors and long term business partners.

When marketing online its important to realize that technology can only take you so far. Remember this is a relationship business. We have a very simple 3 step process building your organization.

Step 1.) Build a list

Step 2) Build a relationship with your list

Step 3.) Market to and monetize your list

Easier said than done right? Remember I said it was simple, not easy. There is a difference and this process takes time. But you have to think long term and this how we generate long-term results while at the same time contacting our warm prospects for short term results.

That is a mistake many marketers make. They think only in the short term and when the’ve contacted everyone in their warm market they have nowhere to go. Much of my training here on my blog and on the webinar trainings that I host is about developing a marketing game plan that outlines both the short and the long term. It’s vitally important that you think big-picture and not just how am I going to recruit people today.

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