Network Marketing Leads – 30 Leads a Day from Youtube… Seriously??

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A Video Marketing Warning

As I say in this video, video marketing is something that is near and dear to my heart because this is the strategy that allowed me to really breakthrough to success and start achieving massive results in my business a few years back when I started marketing online.

For those of you who see yourself pursuing video as a main marketing strategy you must remember that it takes massive consistent action. Back when I started to really see things take off in my business as a direct result of my video marketing efforts, I was creating between 15 and 20 videos a week.

network marketing leads from youtubeMy videos were absolutely terrible at first. But a funny thing started to happen….

The more videos I made the better I got at making videos…

Sounds just crazy enough to work right?

So if your thinking you can make a video or two and try and out too see if it works for you, don’t bother. This is a strategy that requires massive action. And massive action will bring massive results.

Advantages of Video Marketing

Again, as I say in the video, one of the major advantages of video marketing is that your prospects get a genuine look at who you are and not who you are pretending to be. When I started making marketing videos I thought I had to wear a suit and be some polished presenter and to my surprise that did not work.. At all! When I started being my self and showing that I was a real human being with real human flaws that is when I started seeing results.

And man were they awesome results. I would have conversations with my prospects who would tell me that they feel, by watching my videos, that they already know me. My prospects would compliment me on my authenticity and many would tell me that reason they ended up buying was because they saw me as a genuine honest person. By the time I got on the phone with my prospects, many times they had seen 2, 3 even 4 of my videos which made my conversation with them much much easier because they were a much warmer lead at that point.

Youtube video marketing is going to be a large part of my strategy into 2012 and moving forward and highly suggest, if you want more high quality leads for your business that you start doing video marketing ASAP!

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Adam Chandler

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