An Extra $78,603.95 to Promote Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity??

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network-marketing-business-opportunityYour network marketing business opportunity is great! You love it! I get that.. Perhaps you’re brand new to your business and you can’t wait to tell the entire world about your network marketing business opportunity and how great it is.

Or perhaps you are a bit more seasoned in the industry. Instead of pitching your business to anything with a pulse you take a more strategic approach. You create marketing campaigns. You target a specific audience and craft messages that are tailored to their needs and desires. Your time is valuable so you can’t work with just anyone. You focus, not on recruiting and sponsoring but on providing value to the marketplace, knowing that the right people will find you if you do so. This post is tailored to the ladder.

The following 10 minute video details how I’ve been able to generate an extra $78,306.95 just for doing something that I’d be doing anyway. Promoting my network marketing business opportunity. This is income outside of my business opportunity itself. Much of the income is from people who said NO to my business. How much money do you make when someone says “no” to your direct sales business opportunity? If the answer is ZERO pay very close attention to the following video.

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For over two years now I’ve used a system called MLSP to promote my network marketing business opportunity online. What is MLSP? The benefits of using this system, other than the extra $78,603.95, have been incredible. Remember also that by promoting this system, not only have I been able to recruit a much higher quality rep into my direct sales business opportunity but I’ve also created 7 other passive income streams in the process. Income streams that range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month. This way if something happens to one of my income streams or my network marketing business opportunity I am still in business.

Do you think you could be more effective in your business if you had tens of thousands of dollars in additional income? Income you could use on paid advertising, information products, travel for live events and so on? Does it make sense to create multiple income streams and get paid for promoting your network marketing business opportunity online?

Do you have a list?

An additional benefit to using an affiliate marketing system is that you can create your own customer database. Your own list that you own and you control. Even direct selling business opportunities that offer lead generation systems, and very few actually do, you are only building the companies list. You cannot market other products and opportunities over a long period of time if you do not own and control your own list. If your leads don’t take action and purchase your products or join your network marketing business opportunity you have lost that prospect forever.

And lets get real for a minute. Your company/products are not going to be a perfect fit for everyone. No matter how awesome you think it is. Its a total newbie mistake to think that your opportunity is perfect for everyone in the world. Its not. But the same prospect who says no to your company may be interested in additional training products to build their current business. The same prospect who says “no” today may be ready to say yes in 6 months. Do you have a way of keeping them as a customer until that time?

Regardless of weather you use MLSP or some other affiliate marketing system to build your network marketing business opportunity understand that your business may not be the right fit for everyone. Be smart about your approach to your business. Network marketing companies go out of business all the time for a host of different reasons. Set yourself up the right way by create multiple income streams. And get paid weather your prospect says yes or no to your direct selling business opportunity. Visit to learn how to do this effectively.

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