My vision for 2013 (and 2 free gifts)

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Greeting from Fort Collins, Colorado


So the holiday season is over and 2013 is upon us…. Welcome to quarter 1 of a brand new year! Are you excited to make some positive changes in your results this year?


If not you are probably in the wrong place reading this post right now ; )


Tip: as an entrepreneur you should start thinking in terms of quarters rather than just months. So if you were in business last year at this time, how are your Q4 profits this year compared to last years Q4 profits?


Take a few minutes and read this entire post. There are some nuggets of business building wisdom within it than will launch you into the most fulfilling and profitable year of your life…


And i’m also giving you two free gifts which you will find at the bottom of this message..


So I’m back in Colorado now after spending a week in with my family and friends where I grew up in beautiful northwestern Vermont.


And i’m happy to report that my holiday travel wasn’t really all that bad…


With the crazy snow storm that hit the northeast the day I was flying out, it could have been a lot worse…


Knock on wood ; )


Why am I knocking on wood right now?


Because even though my holiday travel is over, in about a week and I’ll be boarding a plane again, this time headed for Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a 7 day cruise to Jamaica and Grand Caymen..


vision for 2013

This is the actual ship I'll be on in a week!

I won this cruise to Jamaica for sponsoring recruiting and helping my new team members get sign ups into my network marketing company.


And this is actually the second fully paid for cruise and the third fully paid for vacation I’ve won through my leadership in building my MLM business.


The first, which was the first cruise of my life, was to Cozumel and Costa Maya in January of 2012.


I love starting the new year with a cruise or a vacation to some tropical location… Especially after traveling between Colorado and Vermont where its cold as hell ; )


Don’t get me wrong, I love winter.


If I didn’t love winter I certainly wouldn’t live where I do, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still nice to get a break from it every once in a while …


Especially when its a free trip that I won just for sponsoring and recruiting into my mlm, which is something I do anyway to build up one of my primary income streams…


Back when I was building my business and working a job I had purchased some training courses by some successful entrepreneurs who had the results I wanted…


One of the things they taught me was to affirm that,


“I have complete freedom in my life”


Even though at the time it was a lie, they told me to do it and they had the results I was looking for so I didn’t question it.


So I began saying it out loud, writing it out multiple times a day, even standing in front of my bathroom mirror, looking myself directly in the eyes, and stating with conviction…


“I have complete freedom in my life”


If this seems kinda hokey or cheezy to you just ask yourself, do you have complete freedom in your life?


If the answer is no, realize that I personally haven’t had a job in 4 years now.


I do what I want, when I want and I answer to no one.


Affirming this is one of the ways I attained this level of freedom, so if you really want to change your life for the better in the new year maybe you should stop questioning people who have the results you want and just try something new?


Albert Einstein said that “The same thinking that led you to where you are is not going to lead you to where you want to go.”


Get it?




Another way to really step up your mental game as a way to get newer, better results in your business and life is to start using I WILL statements.


“In 2013 I will start treating my business like a business, instead of just a hobby”


“In 2013 I will get out of my comfort zone”


“In 2013 I will operate more from my heart and less from my head”


“In 2013 I will become better at receiving large amounts of money for my time and effort”


Okay back to creating complete freedom in 2013..


As I said, I can honestly say that I’ve lived the dream via the home business industry and sustained my life from my business and marketing efforts for 4 solid years now


But in 2013 my vision is to help you attain complete freedom in your life.


My goal is to help a minimum of 100 entrepreneurs attain complete freedom and autonomy in the new year. Meaning sustaining your life from nothing more than the income you attract from your business and marketing efforts.


No more fighting rush hour traffic


No more spending more time with the pictures of your kids on your desk than you do with the real thing.


No more having to ask permission to take a vacation or take your kids to the dentist.


All that BS all ends in 2013


Are you ready for complete freedom in your life?


When I made a decision to start treating my business like a business instead of just a hobby is when things really started to happen…


I began investing money into training products, books and marketing systems some of which required hundreds of dollars monthly.


I joined an online marketing and lead generation system that I’ve since used to make well over $150K from people who said no to my primary mlm business…


Discover the exciting ways that system is now helping more people than ever build their businesses faster with more fun, pleasure and ease when you..


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One of the ways I’m going to attain my goal of helping 100 entrepreneurs attain complete freedom is by plugging you in to this high level training and biz builder academy.


Okay now on to your free gifts…


I filled these work sheets out in the airport the other day as I was waiting for my flight back to Denver.


Even though I had completed them before, I knew that it would be extremely beneficial to revisit them as a way to get clear on what I want for my life and business in the new year…


And since they have been so instrumental in me in helping me get clear on where I’m going, I want to give them to you..


Click Here Now and Do This One First


Then Click Here and Fill Out This One Second


And I hope you take these exercises seriously because they have to the power to completely revolutionize the way you operate and the results
you see in your business and life!


Talk soon,


P.S. Complete freedom in 2013 is yours if you are just willing to make a simple decision, then follow that decision up with some consistant action…


My all new step by step blueprint will provide the roadmap for kickstarting (or skyrocketing) your results in the new year.


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I look forward to helping you create complete freedom in your life in 2013!


Adam Chandler

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